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AJK man says Chitrali gang cheated him

CHITRAL: A man from Azad Kashmir has alleged that a gang of Chitralis cheated him into marrying a woman and stole cash from his home.

Speaking at a news conference at Chitral Press Club, Chaudhry Anwar Hussain said last year he came to Chitral where Hameed Ahmad and Saeed Gul identified themselves as the relatives of Khursheeda Begum, his prospective wife. After signing nikah papers a dowry of Rs200,000 was settled and the man believed he was married to Khursheeda Begum. Later, Saeed Gul and the father of his Khursheeda Begum took the bride to his native town in Azad Kashmir, said Mr Anwar, who is also a British national.

However, he alleged, when after about three months he went back to England to file papers for his wife, Saeed Gul, Khursheeda Begum and her father stole Rs700,000 as well as jewellery and pounds worth Rs300,000 from his house and fled back to Chitral.

The man claimed he had been deceived as he learnt later that Khursheeda Begum had been given into marriage several times before by the same gang. He claimed that he had documents that showed that the woman had committed similar frauds in the past too using different names such as Khursheeda Begum, Parveen, Haseena Bibi, Khursheeta and Fatema.

He said he had been cheated and was forced to speak out so that the dignity and honour of other respectable people as well as the daughters of Chitralis should be protected. He said the government should take exemplary action against the gang. It may be noted that for a few weeks the same woman had been staging the drama by holding press conferences that she was lured into marrying Chaudhry Anwar in AJK by a Chitrali gang and taken to the house of a man in AJk where she was kept without nikah by Chaudhry Anwar.

She said after three months, she managed to run away from AJK and recahed Chitral. But Chaudhry Anwar rejected her allegations and said he was an educated man and held a British nationality and was very well-known in his area.

He said he would never ever think of committing such a crime by keeping a woman at his house without nikah. He said had he committed such a crime, he would not have come to Chitral seeking action against the gang.–Reporting from Bashir Hussain Azad

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  1. Shamser says

    Hameed Ahmed, Seed Gul and parents of the women are responsible for disgracing Chitral therefore all of them should punished.
    This is not a simple story as narrated by the women in press conference that how she was kidnapped, she and her parents are involved in in this incidence.

  2. Sharafat says

    Ismay koi shak nai ham itnay shareef b nai, or deghwat Hazimat walay b milay hotay in k sath, ek dafa Drosh may Panjab say a k shadi horehi the hamnay deghwat hazimat waolo ko bulaya bas kia tha, Voh Kalktatk wala Deghwat Hazimat ka bara aya hamnay samja kia kia pochega nai kernedega sach poche ye b sahulat kar hay, shukur hay Upper Chitral may ye trend neechay shadi ka na honay k barabar hay. Zilli hakumat ko qanun banana chahiya Deghwat hazimat koi qanuni tanzim thori hay, or maqami police baqaida investigation keray shadi honay say pehlay ye kaise shadi hay ek k leye dulha neechay say ata hay na jan na pehchan dosray din dulhan lay ker rafo chakar, bhai Panjab may ek mehndi rasm pe jitna kharch ata hay voh Chitral may poray shadi per ata hay hosh k nakhun lena chahiya District government ko Khodara ap logon ko or kia kam hosakta hay,

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