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MPA spending Rs280 million to build road to home village

CHITRAL: MPA Saleem Khan is spending Rs280 million to build a new road to his home village.

PPP MPA Saleem Khan who since 2008 has remained in the provincial assembly, with a stint as a minister from 2008 to 2013, failed to make an improvement in the lives of his voters.

After the 2013 elections when local workers and elected representatives of different political parties remained at each other’s throat in Chitral, MPA Saleem Khan quietly planning to spend a whopping Rs23 crores on the construction of a separate road to his hometown of Kandujal in Garam Chashma even though there is already an old road to the small picturesque valley.

The residents of the area while talking to ChitralToday said there was absolutely no need to construct a separate road to Kandujal as there was already a road to Kandujal. They said the main Garam Chashma-Chitral road remained in a dilapidated condition for years and was damaged at different points due to floods but the government always ignored its reconstruction on the pretext of shortage of funds. But strangely they said Rs280 million were being wasted on building an unnecessary road now.

However, at present work on the road has been stopped after objections raised by the people whose land and houses were to be affected.

When ChitralToday contacted Mr Islamuddin, retired senior bureaucrat and the current principal of Pamir Public School, he said it would be a luxury and privileged road for the MPA. He said people whose houses would be demolished for making way to the MPA house road were not going to get any compensation, so naturally they would protest.

“I have learned that 28 coror rupees have been allocated for the road but even if this whole amount is utilized for compensating the local people whose houses and land would be affected by the project it would not be sufficient.”  

He suggested that there should be a ring road that can cover most of the area that are geographically too steep. He also expressed concerns over the cutting of trees for the construction of the new road, adding deforestation in Chtral had already left a heavy toll on the local population in terms of floods. He further said most of the people in the area depended upon the potato crop  grown on their limited land.

Where would the orphan children of late Shazda Khan go as they would be left with no other land except their home after the construction of the road through their land. “I have a big walnut tree from which I earn 30,000 to 40,000 rupees ever year. Now it is set to be cut down as the huge old tree has been marked for removal during the survey for the road,” said another resident of the area. There were scores of other people who termed the new road an extravaganza of their MPA.

Union Council Nazim Khosh Muhammad said it was astonishing that the MPA was dreaming to have a first class road to his hometown but never thought of constructing the main Chitral-Garam Chashma road. This shows the priorities and sense of public service of our elected representatives, he regretted.

Despite repeated attempts, MPA Saleem Khan could not be contacted by ChitralToday for his comments on the matter.

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  1. Mohammad Afzal says

    Dear readers please let me correct the sentence-3 which is miss-printed by mistake as I want to say that “I am not in favor of any one or against” thanks

  2. Mohammad Afzal says

    Dear Salman, thank you for your comments. I can assume that you are really not aware of the locality and my deep concern about the subject. Owirk is my hometown where I born, developed and never leave. I am in favor of any one or against. But my only concern is writers should focus on the subject, analyse the need with its merit and demerit and avoid from targeting any individual just base on political differences. Fake information about the subject going to be clear with passage of time, for example, actual budget mentioned by the writer, his professional capacity, actual number of villages or population who can get benefit form this road, indeed they start from Izh itself and then other villages of Duwaba Kuh including Beshqer, Yurjogh, Sanik, Tunik and Begusht etc. So we must be realistic and rational when making comments about any subject or personality. I strongly believe on respect, facts, social norms and values and trying my level of best to follow the same.

  3. Salman Ali says

    Nargurat is the only village except Kandujal can benefit from the new luxury road of Saleem Khan. It is astonishing that Mr. Afzal making castle sitting somewhere in the urban area defending his closest relative Salim khan. Just put youself what you feel when your home will be demolish. If your MpA is the real wellwisher of his people repair the old road and restrain landgrabers in G.Chashma bazar in front of Nasir e Khusraow Ziyarat where his valley road starts and repair it. The second picture in this report shows Sher Nawaz house which is the first one to be demolish and it is unbearable that how they started work before it becomes a government property and nor even they have been compensate? At the ending of his tinure your MPa is going to char coaling near Sin last about a kilometre and making fool the poor people Garum Chashma for gaining another term in 2018 election.

  4. anwar says

    Saleem sahib apney gar k liye road bana raha hy agar awam k liye road bana hy tou man road garum chashma ka road sahi karna chahiye

  5. Hamid Qazi says

    Any intellectual will definitely smile on the senseless examples shared by authors of the article on the road from Garum Chashma to Duaba Valley. First of all it should be clear to all that this road covers whole Duaba valley including Eiz, Beshqer, Narkorate, Yourgoh, Kandujal, Ovirk Behmi, Ochiolasht, Munoor and Begusht valley. So it is unfair to name it Kandujal road by ignoring all the benefited villages. It is also interesting that authors found only two partial individuals as respondents for the said report by ignoring many rational and learned inhabitants of the mentioned villages who highly appreciated this effort by considering the wider interest of the valley of Garum Chashma. Lets take some of his arguments and discuss through critical approach. Author talk about Roti Kapra or Makan, a slogan which was popular in 70s when Chitrali people were in a position of hungriness and certainly these three things are fundamentals for human existence. Now we are beyond them and we need well infra-structures and modern facilities like other countries of the world. The slogan of 70s will not be applicable for the modern world because of the contextual and technological developments. Secondly, the illogical and irrational arguments is the deforestation and example for Late Shazda Khan. One must have thought before write this dull argument because road cannot be constructed in the air rather building, houses, lands and trees will definitely be affected in a populated area. Thirdly, I am very astonished to see the low analytical capability of the authors who even failed to understand the larger interest of the local community because this road is basically extension of Garum Chashma Market and will definitely provide opportunities to common people and minimize the monopoly of particular group. Finally, I would request to chitral-today to be critical in publishing the articles which even not represent 2% of the community by ignoring larger interest of the communities.

    1. Faizul Hussain says

      It is favoritism and partiality if we would not be ready to admit the view of a person whom we have entrusted our future, a man who had produced professionals of high caliber in the region in a very limited time span to serve the community. I don’t know how his statement would be partial. I do believe these are our real leaders and mentors, we should follow them to envisage coming days.

    2. Nadir Khan says

      “Any intellectual will definitely smile on the senseless examples shared by authors of the article on the road from Garum Chashma to’ Duaba Valley” says this commentator. How funny. this is the problem with most of our people that they consider themselves intellectual as well as sacred cows.
      Instead of replying to the simple question of how on earth the village of an MPA and its adjoining areas are so vital for construction of a separate road bulldozing houses of poor people along with their fruit trees and land without any compensation.
      If the road project was a blessing and benefit so many people, why work on it has stopped now????
      This is a big scam and must be reported to NAB and I hope that NAB has already taken notice of it. Public money should not and cannot be spent to build a VIP type of road on the sweet will of an MPA at the cost of others.
      Nadir Khan

  6. Muhammad Amin baloch says

    The whole story seems as casting Pearl before the swine.Let me clarify the entire saga.First it be clear that the proposed cast is not 280 millions but is 60 millions. Kindly update the figure before misguiding the public.Secondly this project will benefit popolations of kandujal,Narkorate,Ovirk,Behmi,Munoor, Thunik and Begusht villages.In case of flooding,caused due to flash flood, more villages will use this road as alternate via Munoor,where a concrete jeebable bridge will be constructed.As walnut trees are concerned it is being exaggerated unnecessary. The burning question is Whether more than 20000 souls are important or a few trees?We should look at this in humanistic point of view plus contribution to the socio economic factors of the valley.For example the present link road is very vulnerable to flood ,consequently theafore said five villages completely remain cut off from the rest of area and most importantly can’t reach their potato production to the main market, a huge economic loss.
    The matter of Garamchashma road should not be linked with this project, as it is not merely for kanduja,the home town of sitting MPA.We should be more realistic and unbiased in matters of communal interests setting aside prejudiced approaches and leg pulling.

  7. Faizul Hussain says

    It is not the matter whether road is leading to Overik or Kandujal, question is that in the presence of a linked road connecting the people of Overik, Kandujal and other vicinities it might be more sensible to bring improvement in the existing main Garumchama road that connects the whole Tehsil with District headquarter. Secondly we can secure our agrarian resource at least if we could not support the orphan children of late Shazda Khan then we should not grab their source of income.

  8. Mohammad Afzal says

    I really don’t know why Chitraltoday is biased about Kandujal/Ovirk road and there is no comparison of both Kandujal/Ovirk and Garammchashma road and both are equally important but Kandujal/Ovirk road is also most important for more than ten thousand population as already mentioned in earlier comments that existing road is on high risk of flood and can be demolished at any time. However, Garammchashma road is main road can’t be compare with Kandujal/Ovirk road. Interestingly, there are two types of mind set; one is claiming to Saleem Khan since he become Minister that “how he is representative if he is not able to construct his own road”…sharam ki baat hay..and second mindset claiming him “why he is constructing his own road? I personalty believe that Saleem Khan always making extra ordinary efforts for Garammchashma road and he is equal sincere with the area as others. The “game of blame” must be avoided despite political difference, and same positive approach will be beneficial for the locality. I request all the stakeholders to work together for the development of the area.

    1. Sardar Hussain says

      This is time to stand by Saleem Khan who is accused of giving jobs to many in NCHD, PIA etc without following merit when he was a minister during the last government of Pakistan People’s Party. What the people are saying is true as spending such a huge amount on the construction of Kandujal road speaks volume about the priorities of the MPA. The Anti-Corruption Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa should initiate an investigation into the road project being exclusively launched for the home area of the MPA.

  9. Israruddin Mazhandarani says

    MPA Saleem khan go ahead we people of whole duaba valley garamchashma are supporting this very important project.
    For your kind information the allocated fund for this project is 70 million not 280 million.secondly this project will give safe road to more than 10 villages of garamchashma with population of over 10,000.
    What Mr.Khosh Muhammad has done so far as tehsil nazim and what are the contributions of ex-bearucrate Mr Islamuddin for the developement of Garamchashma.
    These people have no right to interfere in the developement projects of MPA Saleem Khan.
    Israruddin Mazhandarani.

  10. Mohammad Afzal says

    Let me clear that same road do not serving just to MPA house or village, however, this road will serve many other villages at surrounding, like Beshqer Pain / Bala, Irgoh, Narkurait, Kadujal, Ovirk, Ochievelasht, Behmi, Munoor Kuh and Begusht etc. means to whole valley. Same valley road always remain on the high-risk of heavy flood and cause to complete disconnect whole valley or thousands of households, if flood will observe. In addition, the people of such valley also belong to Pakistan and deserve for a safe and 12-months access road. But I don’t understand that why few people are against of this needful road? If they have any political conflict with MPA but they must realize genuine need of the area. I must request to the editor to must get facts and figures from its actual beneficiaries before publishing any article.

    1. ChitralToday says

      If there are any other facts, like if the Kandujal road was more important than the main Garam Chashma road, ChitralToday would, as usual, be the first to highlight it.–Editor

  11. Sharafat says

    PPP nay guzashta say peiwasta 5 sal jo guzara is mulk pe touba, her roz nit nai corruption ki nai kahaniyan or qissay bas shukur kerna chahiya ek bala is mulk pe hukumran hogai thay guzar gai, NICL corruption Ameen Faheem marhoom commission lay ker wapas kerdeya tha Allah bakhsay, Asma Almagir or Faryal Talpur NHA k contractor say khud commission leta thay touba ki log thay voh, Chini 150 rupay may b nai bikta the voh b linon may kharay ho k touba, Diesel 121 rupay liter hogaya tha, weekly fuel rate barhanay ka soch rahay thay, or Hukumran thay bas tas say mas nai horaha thay jab poch hamary khilaf sazish horehi hay, Rehman Malik her suba a k navee sunata tha Taliban say isko threats hay usko threats hay, gharz koi ek b PPP may ze hosh insan na tha sary lootary mil k aisay lootay abi ghaib hay Mulk say, Zardari, tolaa ek azab tha mulk pe please isay yad dila k zakhom pe namak pashi qion kara rahay ho, Saleem Khan to Bad tareen Jamhuirat ka chota sa husun tha

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