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  1. Sardar Hussain says

    Dismissing only one SHO from service is enough to teach a lesson to his others friends in the profession. We know the policeman in question must have proceeded to Peshawar looking for some safarish. This should be clear to all the officers from Chitral that any safarish for these black sheep will be disservice to the people of the area. Also, this is a test case for the police and any favour to the official who has been suspended for his alleged links with the criminals will also force us to believe that all the tall claims of KP govt to bring changes in KP Police are nothing but a farce.

  2. Al Arslan Khwaja says

    It’s essential to enquire about the allegations if found true then should be dealt with an iron hand. Otherwise, reportee should be reckoned for.

  3. Muhammad Yousaf says

    Good Job… Durrani Saab thank You..

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