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Lowari pass reopened for light traffic

Report Gul Hamad Farooqi

CHITRAL:  The only land route connecting Chitral to other parts of the country  through the Lowari top, which had been blocked after flash floods on July 17,  was reopened for light traffic on Wednesday.
But the road is still very dangerous and passengers passing the  zigzag road with great difficulty. As many as eight vehicles of a Korean construction company, including generators and other machinery, were damaged by floods a few days ago. Drivers Mehran and Kifayatullah told this scribe that they were on their way at Ziarat when they were suddenly trapped by the flash floods from all sides. They climbed into the mountain to save their lives but the truck was washed away in a few seconds. Its parts are lying in different parts of Ziart to Ashriat.
Haji Javed said the truck was taken on lease and purchased through bank loans.
National Highway Authority opened the road for light traffic but a large number of trucks were seen standing on the main road at Mirkhani check post waiting for the clearing of the road.
Students and a large number of tourists were also stranded at Ziarat and Dir side due to the blocking of the road.
A tourist told this scribe that he had read in newspapers about the Shandur polo festival starting from July 15 to 19 but he was shocked when he came to Chitral and knew that its date had been changed three times. He said that he along with other tourists was going back but due to flash floods the road was blocked and they were stranded at Ziarat.
oGhazala, is a university student in Karachi, had came to her home at Karimabad in Chitral for the summer vacation but she also suffered at Ziarat due to the closure of the road.
Residents of Chitral demanded that the federal government should complete the Lowari tunnel project to overcome these problems.

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