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IK did nothing for calamity-hit Chitral: Abdul Akbar

He was talking to ChitralToday at the under-construction portion of the Chitral-Mastuj road where traffic was blocked for about three hours on Tuesday afternoon. The JI leader was going to the river-flood affected village of Kargin in Mastuj taking relief goods for the residents. Maulana Chitrali said the MNA and two MPAs from Chitral miserably failed to raise a voice for the rights of the people of Chitral and against the chief minister KP’s biased and discriminatory attitude towards the people of the valley. He said as no funds were allocated, works on all the reconstruction projects were in the doldrums in Chitral. He said Chitral was hit hard and devastated first by the July-Aug 2015 floods, then by the October 26, 2015, earthquake and again by floods this year. Imran Khan, the chief minister of KP and others visited the calamity-hit Chitral, witnessed the situation but went back and did nothing. He said everything had been affected in Chitral, including roads, bridges, irrigation channels, hospitals, schools, but the chief minister was spending the provincial budget in his hometown of Nowshera. He said in the fiscal year 2015-16, Rs25 billion were spent in Nowshera while in the current fiscal year budget a whopping amount of Rs50 billion has been set aside for Nowshera. On the other hand, only Rs500 million were given to Chitral, he added. Maulana Chitrali also came down hard on MPA Sardar Hussain and said he was good only in making fiery speeches. “Ho taqreer koriko lakur,” he observed. He said the performance of the MPA can be gauged from the condition of the roads, bridges and especially the THQ hospital in Booni under his nose. There are no medicines or other facilities at the hospital, he added.]]>

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