Position holders given awards by youth organization

Chief guest of the ceremony was Abdullah Jan, ex amir of Jamat-e-Islami Kosht, while the event was chaired by Musa Muhammad, Principal Government High School, Gohkir, says a press release. The speakers on the occasion appreciated the activities arranged by CHERRY in the remote and educationally backward region of Gohkir for encouraging the students and promoting educational environment and bringing a change in the region through such kinds of activities. Speaking on the occasion, senior teacher of the area Mr. Khairullah said: “We will celebrate July 9th as the day of revolution in our area every year because today CHERRY gave us the concept of appreciation and encouragement of a child’s effort in grass root level and motivate them by conducting such kind of activities in the area. ” awrdsThe second programme was conducted at The Ideal Public School Kosht on July 10th where top 10 position holders of class 9th and 10th of Union Council Kosht were awarded shields. Assistant commissioner Mastuj Muhammad Saleh was chief guest while the event was presided over by Ghulam Mustafa, Member of District Council from Union Council Kosht. Moreover students, parents, local body representatives and elders of the region participated in both the programs. CHERRY’s chief Fazal Akbar said: “We are engaging the energetic youth of Chitral on the concept of self help, are working to develop advance and creative educational approaches in Chitral and we are working to make our education system compatible to the world leading education systems. CHERRY also announced need based scholarships for the students who have achieved 70% marks in the recent matriculated examination.]]>

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