Tragedy in the sleepy valley

There was flood in Gambir Gol a few days back but the night between Saturday and Sunday brought destruction for the people of this remote, far-flung border area. There was huge flood in Paitasun Gol which washed away everything on its path. According to available data, more than 20 houses were completely destroyed while 30 partially damaged. A mosque, one madrassa and more than six shops were washed away. Authorities have confirmed the death of 30 persons including eight armymen. A man, his wife, three sons and one daughter also lost their lives in the tragedy. Drinking water facilities, irrigation system and the only link road in the valley are badly damaged. A newly-constructed micro-hydle power station is also grounded. The army unit deputed in Ursun extended early relief to the people by providing food ration. Army personnel were also involved in the search and rescue. By the end of Sunday, the civil administration was able to took relief items there. On Monday, relatives of those killed in the incident were handed over compensation cheques worth Rs300,000 each by the district government. ]]>

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  1. Dear Editor, has attracted thousands of readers across the globe due to its standard but the errors in spellings and grammar is like ‘a fly in the ointment” e.g in the comments of Dr. Khalil, the spelling of appreciated is ‘apreciated’.

  2. Timely relief and componsation by local govt under supervision of Maghfirat Shah sahab is apreciated

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