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Three-day Shandur festival from July 15

Recently, a meeting chaired by Additional Secretary Tourism Muhammad Tariq Khan had decided to arrange the Shandur Polo Festival from July 22 to 24.

TCKP Managing Director Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Deputy Commissioner Chitral Osama Waraich, Commandant Chitral Scouts Nizamuddin Shah, member provincial assembly (MPA) from Chitral Bibi Fouzia, police official from Mastuj Tariq Kareem and others attended the meeting.

The event has been regularly held each year from July 7 to 9 but this year Eidul Fitr is likely to fall on those dates due to which the schedule was changed. However, on the request of Chitral Scouts and district administration, Chitral the dates have been changed and now the Shandur Polo Festival will be held from July 15 to 17. The game has got international fame, which is being played at the highest polo ground of the world at Shandur Pass in Chitral.

The provincial government through Finance Department provides funds to TCKP for arrangements of the event, which are released to the district administration Chitral. The role of TCKP is that of a catalyst for promoting the festival through publicity campaign and it also establishes a tented village, tourism information centre and stalls during the event, including boarding and lodging facilities for both foreign and domestic tourists.

As Chitral is the most peaceful region, it attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists annually, especially during the Shandur and Kalash festivals. This year, the number of foreign and domestic tourists will be more as compared to the previous years as peace has been restored in the province and the condition of acquiring no-objection certificate (NOC) for the international visitors and tourists had been withdrawn.–APP 

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  1. Chitrali says

    It is a property of laspur. Deputy commissioner doesn’t have a right to build cottage. Scout post was built due to security and defense of border and security purposes of country.District government should request and get a written permission from the people of laspur.

  2. sher jan says

    After the construction of a huge installation by the army in Shandur top,the Deputy Commissioner Chitral Mr.Waraich,In his recent visit to Shandur with elected representatives, has ordered the construction of a 3 bed room house in Shandur for the stay of his entourage in the festival. The Services and work departments has started work on the site.Somebody stop this madness,we are already loosing the scenic & natural beauty of the place.

  3. khalil Jughooru says

    Khabara reran ki ,, shandooro tornament 15 julyeya shurorogh boi, dipti comishner hy luo alan kardu berai.. ma khyala ka de tan duro pissi shandoortu no beer, hy sal hon monan khtra zeyat sher ranyan, ,, Allah mo korar roi shandoora , u kia waqia ki hoi poon de band beti azaba chooneen boi, juo lu haya ki sarhado brar gini bo takleefa asooni, het hy moqa sarak marakan band kori kos aiyh beko tan no lakooni ,, Lehaza royan sum khot choki, istoraan ghalo no loli dura axalian tan wal beek tan behtar boi .. hokoomat no dooni hy alano kori asoor ..

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