Chitral, Jamaat-i-Islami & Siraj Ul Haq

ehtisham Mulkhow with Booni and other areas was also damaged by the floods. The government, as usual, seemed helpless. So, the locals on a self-help basis constructed a pulley to link Mulkhow to other areas. Kudos to the locals! A few months ago, I came via that area and was shocked to see what had been chalked on the cliff near the pulley over the river (now a bridge has been constructed there). It read: “A pulley constructed by JI’s Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan.” The shock wasn’t meaningless. It was because I was present there and had witnessed the construction of that pulley with my own eyes. No one from any organization was present there; even some of the officials of the C&W were opposing the construction of the pulley. There were two persons who were participating in it with full fervor. As the bridge was half sunk in the river and the flow of the river was outrageous, with one of the guys took a steel rope with him and reached the other side while crawling on the steel rope, even risking his own life. The recent events of the JI and its claims about certain things reminded me of the mentioned story. They do something and claim something else. They won’t be part of certain good deed but claim to be the champion of that particular activity. JI’s youth wing has started its campaign against corruption under the leadership of Siraj Ul Haq. He is visiting Chitral on May 29. Different honorary events have been organized of which a polo and football tournament is worth mentioning. Four days ago, a bridge collapsed in Kosht and three people died in the accident. But no one gave a damn about the incident. Even the righteous and pure Jamatis were busy in the arrangements to welcome their leader (Mard-e-Haq Siraj Ul Haq) with the exception of Abdul Akbar who, at least, tried to play politics on the issue. These things raise certain questions in the minds of people who are naïve like me when it comes to politics, especially when it is about ‘saving’ the country. These assertions and claims create an ambiguous picture of JI and its stance against corruption and its eradication. Chitral is in a critical condition with the dangers of earthquakes, floods, rehabilitation of the affected people, and the scarcity of drinking water. Among these, the problem of drinking water is very critical. Majority of the areas are facing severe problems to get proper and hygienic water for drinking. But, unfortunately, no one is paying heed to the problem. Instead, all the manpower and machinery of the district administration, in the leadership of Mowlana Maghfirat Shah Saab (District Nazim), have been engaged in facilitating the welcome arrangements for Siraaj Ul Haq Saab. What I noticed yesterday was a fire brigade watering the polo ground and parade ground where polo and football matches are played respectively. These tournaments are also a part of that honor and protocol which Mr. Siraj Ul Haq will be witnessing tomorrow. One can raise questions about the piety of other political leaders but one can’t dare to question the piety of Siraj Ul Haq. He may be the most clear politician, however, I’m also damn sure about his ‘disciples’ in Chitral because everything is crystal clear and against them when it comes to the intraparty corruption and corruption at administrative level. Let’s analyze Siraj Ul Haq Saab on two levels. Firstly, let’s say, he knows everything about the corruption of his party workers as well as the corruption of IJT. Secondly, he knows nothing about his workers and their corruption, that’s why he is silent. If he knows everything and doesn’t act against them, it means that he is gathering goons as manpower. And even an admirer of Siraj Ul Haq, like me, call it sheer hypocrisy and corruption. But, if he is unaware of the condition, attitude, and corruption of his party workers and youth then he is an ignorant, who doesn’t deserve to lead JI. In the light of all the things mentioned above, doesn’t it look ironic that a taboo like corruption is being tackled by those who are themselves a part of it. When we analyze it at national level it is dealt by those who have taken millions of rupees from the Afghan Jihad. When we see it at Chitral level the champions of the campaign are those people who had stolen state property and used them in the construction of personal property (to end load-shedding, though a positive thought but……). Corruption is being addressed by the one who had helped another candidate in the 2013 general elections against an honorable candidate of his own party, JI, and was defeated due to the hypocrisy of the custodian of the future of Chitral and the champion of the campaign against corruption. If they can’t be sincere to their own party and can’t end the corruption within the party how can they eradicate corruption at national level? And is it morally right to welcome a simple and piety man like Siraj Ul Haq in that luxurious way when the area is full of natural disaster? And is it right to spend that money and resources for such a cause which doesn’t need that kind of advertisement? Does Siraj Ul Haq know about them or not? If ‘yes’ what shall he be labeled with and if ‘no’ then what? ]]>

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  1. writer is right. yester day i noticed that thousands of chairs were installed in the polo ground and hundreds of vehicles were used for the trnsportation of members of ji. the question is why this amount is spent on such basless events rather to provide safe drinking water for the community.

  2. Almost all of the political parties (except one or two) are necked in the Bathroom of Corruption. But it does not mean that all the politician are naked. Everyone knows that JI was one of the big allies of America during Afghan soviet war and benefited huge from the influx of dollars. It was best time to wash hands in the running Ganga of the time.

  3. I was taken aback skimming through the write up which is nothing more than a mere diatribe and shallow verbosity.Organizing a Jalsa is a constitutional right of every party.If you are so concerned about the calamity stricken people then where were your sympathies when the levish Jashne Qaqlast and Jashne Chitral were organized by District Administration at the expense of public money that could have been utilized in the welfare of affectees.Have you uttered a single word? By the way what do you think JI and its Youth Wing is responsible for the natural disaster? or the collapse of bridges?.Mr.Writer you are critical of the make shift arrangement of pulley as the youth wing of JI falsely claims the credit of its construction to facilitate the passer_by at Mulkhow; agreed! if your version of it is supposedly true or accepted.Can’t you see the other Charitable Work and Philanthropic services,the JI and its Youth Wing has been doing in various social sectors in form of Health facilities,Hostel facilities,teacher’s training,skill development,awarding scholarship to students and what not…the list goes on and on.Even the worst adversaries of JI admit the services rendered by it in various sector.Your pre occupied,prejudiced and biased approach made you oblivion to all this.Your criticism is aimed at self projection and cheap publicity.You need to broaden your horizon of understanding first then dare write something useful.

  4. When youth festivals are organised by other “Ladeen Jamaats” then the festivals are the part of Jewish conspiracy but when they are organised by jamate Islami they become sacred.
    These tournaments, according to Jamat’s people are also “barakati tournaments” of the year. So, all should participate and welcome Siraj.

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