MPA wants removal of DHO over illegal appointments

Syed Sardar Hussain Syed Sardar Hussain[/caption] In a press statement, the MPA said he had no hand in the appointments made i the health departmet on May 9, and if any worker or activist of his party, the PPP, was involved in the irregularities their names should be made public. It may be noted that the DHO has been accused of appointing 29 class-IV employees by violating rules and regulations. It has been alleged that the DHO advertised only six posts but inducted 29 people in the department through the backdoor. The MPA said he had already sent a letter to the chief secretary KP against the alleged corruption and irregularities made by the DHO Chitral. He expressed the hope that the PTI government would take action against the corrupt official. He also demanded that the government should immediately remove the DHO and conduct an impartial investigation into the allegations so that the culprits could be taken to task and the deserving candidates get their rights. ]]>

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  1. Jb ap Booni pul uboor karka main rastay par Booni chok ki tarah jatay hai to apko yaqeen hi nehi hoga k ap chitral ma kisi rastay pa chal raha hai…60 feet chori sadak, or shisha jaisa tarkool, nechay dekhnay pa apki surat nazar aa jati hai…kha ma kha ma log hamaray MPA ka uper tanqeed kartay hai…unko unkay keya hua kam nazar nehi atay…

  2. Well done DHO Chitral for good work. MPA is habitual of making baseless allegation, tall claims & long rhetoric .Even he totally fail to deliver in his own constituency. He must be given the title of Mr. (Talashe Gumushuda).

  3. MPA sahab jub app k paas town chitral say koi kaaam k silsilay ma atta hay tu ap kehtay hain k ya town UC aur chitral ka masala hay app k ikhtiyar may nahe …… phir yahan per app in cheezon may taang qion lalara hay hain…. khuda k liya koi aur poisitive kaam b kia karain jin ghareeb nadar logon ka yahayn posting howi hay woh b haqdaar hain koi maa ka ladala yahan bharti nahi howa hay……..

  4. MPA should work on the recent problem of water and road problem of booni chitral. its not his jurisdiction to ask from DHO about the appointment. by the why Mr.MPA i want to ask a question from you! how many betterment you bring during this many years in chitral districts. your performance is nil which i m sure will manitain till the end of your so called MPA of this badfortune nation.

  5. Instead of creation of new vacancies to fight against DHO Chitral is not a normal activity of MPA, Indeed DHO is full authority to appointment as he has been given authority by Government of time.
    If MPA has power and capacity then he should use his energy to create a new district in Chitral so the upper Chitral community could achieve new opportunities in different fields of services.

  6. For the first time, I’m hearing something worth appreciating from Sardar Hussain. He has failed to deliver but by taking this issue of hiring class IV of his own choice the DHO has stabbed at the back of the deserving poor who had applied for the said positions.
    In other words, there is no check and balance on this man as he thinks he is an authority. You must know that are not the authority, dear DHO. I am afraid to say that those who managed to get jobs with the backing of the DHO must have greased his palms. Otherwise the DHO has a track record of not even offering a cup of tea to someone. There are so many other issues which the DHO has been doing without even realizing that there could a be an investigation against what he has been doing like misuse of official vehicles and giving official laptops to his children. Take him to task, Sardar Hussain as he has simply crossed all the limits.

  7. What kind of investigation he requires needs for class 4 recruitment.the only criteria for these inductions is that the candidate should have an unemployement certuficate and should be poor which i am sure, every selected candidate possesses.this press release ia nothing but a political stunt which is what these politicians are notorious from and nothing is going to be coming from it..if he has -in any case – approach to CM he should raise the problems of his constituency where people are wothout elwctricity and roads for a whole one year one can see jiyalas in every office since saleem is on ofdice …for god sake just once let others to do good for apolitical people.

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