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Tug of war over funds brewing another crisis

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As a result of the tug-of-war, a crisis is brewing in upper Chitral as the only road linking it with the main Chitral town is set to be washed away by the rising torrents in the river in the south of Kuragh.

Besides, standing crops and fruit trees in Bumbagh village are drying up as its damaged water channel could not be reconstructed. In a statement, Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam upper Chitral information secretary Shuja Uddin Lal said that water level in the river had risen and the road near Kuragh was once again at the risk of being washed away. Last year the whole upper Chitral remained cut-off for about two months till the army managed to reconstruct it.

He held the district nazim and the MPA from upper Chitral as responsible for the non-construction of the damaged road and the water channel of Bumbagh. He said that the KP government in writing had authorized the MPAs from Chitral to utilize the funds for the reconstruction of the damaged roads, bridges and water channels but the district nazim was refusing to release the funds from the account of the District Council.

Mr Shuja also said Rs5 million allocated for the reconstruction of the Bumbagh water channel by the provincial government were also lying in the District Council account. He warned that if the upper Chitral road was blocked once again, it would lead to a humanitarian crisis in the area for which the district nazim and the MPA would be held responsible. 

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