Ali Bahader wins CSA elections in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Chitral Student Association (CSA) held its annual elections and elected office-bearers for the year 2016-17.

Voting started on 9am and was closed on 5pm. The election commission after counting and thoroughly scrutinizing the total 754 votes polled, found 3 votes invalid.

According to the official announcement of election commission 214 votes were bagged for Ali Bahader, 110 for iftikhar Ahmad Khan, 158 for Kamran Wali Khan, 166 for Sarwar Mohammad Khan, and 103 for Sardar Ali consecutively. By securing majority vote of 214 Ali Bahader won the presidential election, and got elected.

The election results were announced in the presence of majority of the student voters, presidential candidates, ex-president and his cabinet, political agents, election commissioner and members and Chief Observer of the election. Ex-President CSA Irfan Ullah on behalf of the association and his cabinet thanked the students, and contesting candidates for their cooperation and support.

While speaking on the occasion, presidential candidates expressed their gratitude to chief election commission for conducting transparent election, students for their support, coming for voting in hot weather, demonstrating peace and cooperation with them.

All contesting candidates reposed their confidence on the new elected president of the Association, and supporting him in addressing the problems of the students. Ali Bahader also thanked the students in his address, and called upon student to get him out to address your problems, and said that without you I have no power and I could do nothing, it’s your mandate and support did it, and make to do everything for the students belonging to Chitral.

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  1. Congratulations my dear. Now the time came to serve your chitrali brothers and sisters who are suffering from so many difficulties being far from homes while studying. Take the lead and do your best to solve their problems. Wish you best of luck.

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