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Reshun protesters dub KP govt as deaf and blind

CHITRAL: A protest meeting was held in Reshun village of Upper Chitral today in which the speakers called the provincial government deaf and blind to the issues facing the locals.

Khawaja Nizamuddin Advocate presided over the protest. The corner meeting later turned into a big protest gathering after crowds turned up at the spot to raise their voice against the non-resolution of the public issue.

Reshun powerhouse is the important asset of whole Chitral, which was providing electricity to almost 15,000 households from Kari in lower Chitral to the Kargin village in Mastuj, including Mulkow and Torkhow valleys. In July 2015, the powerhouse was washed away by a devastating flood in Reshun. Since then, the 15,000 households in upper and lower Chitral have been suffering with no electricity in their houses.

The provincial government has become a silent spectator and seems deaf and blind toward the suffering of the people. The speakers on the occasion regretted that for the last about six months the PC-2 of the powerhouse was lying with the KP secretary power and energy and could not be processed.

They said that even the governed failed to clear the debris from the damaged powerhouse and run the generator so that electricity could be provided to the local consumers when the holy month of Ramazan was approaching.–Shahzad Suhail

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