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  1. I.M.Khan says

    Bizzarely, Pakistan has become home to strikes.Strike in connection with Bureaucracy sounds even more queerer. Bureaucracy is meant for running the affairs of state by all odds.Whether it be PCS officers or Officers of Pakistan Administrative Services, these mandarins are the defacto rulers of the state not by design but by default thanks to the colonial legacy of the bygone Britishers.The system which was inherited from the white masters is pathetically in bad shape as the white ones were replaced by westoxified brown mandarins who are still alien to the system of their White predecessors when it comes to competency and efficient management of the system.The result is in front of us.We may find layers within layers in bureaucracy not in terms of hierarchy but in terms of self created caste and creed in the much coveted civil service of Pakistan like PMS,PCS,CSS and within CSS DMG,FS,Ps etc.It is time and again reported that even after qualifying the superior services exam most of the would_ be officers of other groups develop depression as they are looked down upon by DMG’s and other high ranks.Reportedly,some are forced to quit the service.Now,the potential call of strike from the officers of PCS group is the reminiscent of the fact that where we are heading to_have strikes become sine qua non of every ailment in Pakistan?

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