5 Replies to “Action sought against elements trying to spoil judiciary's image”

  1. The press release by Judiciary employees shows only one side of the picture. It does not describes why and how Mr. Mohammad Afzal along his son compelled to take such a bold step. There may be a background story (which is hidden from the general public)on the basis of that Mr. Mohammad Afzal did all this.

  2. What is the role of a judge?
    A judge has many roles. Judges interpret the law, assess the evidence in a presented case, control how hearings and trials may unfold in their courtrooms, BUT most important of all of his duties are that a judge MUST remain impartial decision-makers in the pursuit of justice.
    That last part of the previous sentence is of crucial and vital importance. They must remain impartial decision-makers in the pursuit of justice. I’m presenting this textbook definition of what a judge is suppose to be because this has been ignored for the past three days. This current situation and how it’s transpired is of absolute disgust from both parties and both are at fault to certain extents. But the more abhorring matter is what follows the initial incident. This is something that could have easily been resolved within both communities without the involvement of any press, but the “employees” felt compelled to release a press statement in which, without mercy, they presented a very one-sided, biased, and unfair character assassination of Muhammad Afzal. In no way or form did this press release provide any fair assessment of the situation, but instead, in a sad and desperate attempt to sway the public opinion, this press release from the Judge’s office has slandered a respected member of a society, who comes from a respected family of the society, who even turned himself into the authorities after the initial scuffle. The fact that these “employees” of the Judge’s department felt compelled to release these slanderous statements about another government employee is of repugnance and it goes against the very definition of his job title. He MUST remain an impartial decision-maker in the pursuit of justice. By attempting to sway public opinion to his personal favor, this petty attempt shows a reflection of his inability to be impartial, fair, or just.

  3. Every citizen are equall before the law judge or prosecutor high Court should conduct inquary and brought before the actual culprit otherwise it will be miscarriage of justice

  4. what a joke. ahmad sultan tareen has abused the whole chitralis and blamed the whole torkoh tehsil. he has also accused respected and notable personalities like Saeed Ahmad, Wiqas Ahmed, Asmat Issa. Judiciary must look into all these allegations and try to make a press release o.wise its meaning/baseless. No one has any legal right to play with chitralis’ dignity. thanks.

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