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AKRSP officials accused of trying to misuse powerhouse fund

CHITRAL: People of Garam Chashma have alleged that the AKRSP is trying to misuse powerhouse funds in other projects.

In 2014, the KP government decided to construct 356 community-based micro hydel stations in the province through NGOs costing Rs4.7 billion from the Hydel Development Funds (HDF).

These mini-stations are being constructed in Abbottabad, Mansehra, Batagram, Tor Ghar, Kohistan, Malakand, Buner, Swat, Shangla, Dir (Upper) and Chitral, having total capacity of 35 MW. In Chitral, the contract for the establishment of scores of such powerhouses has been awarded to the AKRSP.

Under the government decision, these powerhouses would be established only in such villages/areas where there were no powerhouses so far. Besides, old powerhouses cannot be repaired or upgraded through the funds.

But addressing a press conference in Chitral town, Yurjogh cluster members Sardar Khan, Rehmat Noor, Hakim Muhammad, general councilor Sher Wali, Sultan Ali Zar, Amir Baig and Asmat Khan said officials of the three organizations – AKRSP, PEDO and GADO – were conniving with each other to embezzle an amount of 15 million rupees which they had set aside for the reconstruction of a powerhouse owned by the local community but without taking all the members into confidence.

They, however, added that the cluster members would foil the attempts by these organizations to embezzle the funds. They appealed to the chief minister KP and the district administration to take action against the officials concerned, warning that for any extreme steps taken by the local residents in case their grievances were not removed, the AKRSP and PEDO officials would be responsible.

In 1995, the community of the Yurjogh cluster, consisting of eight local organizations, established a 50 KV micro-power station on a self-help basis with the technical support of the AKRSP. In 2012, a new 160 KV hydropower project was set up at Thonik near the Yurjogh village by the community of the Yurjogh cluster.

The old project site at Yurjogh, however, remained a cluster property. Now under the funds provided by the provincial government, the AKRSP is planning to establish another powerhouse in the area which would also cater to nearby villages such as Sanik lower (19 houses) and Gholachu (28 houses).

But the dispute erupted when, according to the cluster members, some individuals of the cluster, including the person on whose land the first powerhouse was built, joined hands with the AKRSP, GADO and PEDO to set up the new powerhouse at the site of the old powerhouse without the consent of all the cluster members. And strangely, without physically visiting the area and informing the cluster members, the old powerhouse was demolished to make room for the establishment of the new one, said another cluster member while talking to ChitralToday earlier.

In October last year, some of the cluster representatives had told ChitralToday that they approached the organizations not to go ahead with the project without taking the community on board but the AKRSP and GADO did not pay any heed to their requests. They said due to the partial approach of the executing agencies, the local community felt perturbed and raised the issue with authorities concerned, including the police but to no avail.

The community representatives said the officials of AKRSP, GADO and PEDO had showed open partiality and cannot be trusted by the community any longer. They also said without consensus and taking the cluster members into confidence, the organizations would never be allowed to start work on the project because the site belonged to the cluster as a whole.

The residents alleged that the AKRSP took the decision in connivance with a few people of the area, including the operator of the powerhouse. The old powerhouse was built by the residents of the villages consisting of about 330 houses but it was demolished to construct a new powerhouse without taking them on board. The residents said the demolition of the powerhouse by the AKRSP and the local support organization was illegal and unacceptable.

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  1. K.S says

    In short we are coming to the solution.
    1-LSOs need to be closed.
    2-AKRSP take back all VOs.
    3-All VOs charges must be taken back with full audit.
    4-Membership should be opened for youth and serving professionals.
    5-New office bearers in ever VO must be well educated active society members.
    This will make the way to a better change for a better tomorrow.

  2. Syed Noman says

    After reading all the letters published before and comments of the recent letter I came to a brief conclusion that Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) and Pukhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO) are organizations having policies to unite people but run by self-interested groups exploiting the ordinary people by keeping them in dark and giving rise to issues distributing people into groups.
    The mission and vision created by his highness is not practiced at all and a group of mafia is running the organization and violating the rules and regulations for their own self-interest.
    Syed Noman

  3. Ahmad Ali says

    Shame for the people of Garamchashma who are bearing the brunts of such controversial organizations in the area This clearly indicates mind set of the people,otherwise they Will be bridled.GADO seems a defunct organization only with the blessing of AKRSP .Also a mirror for AKRSP of it’s hypocrisy. Every day we hear such bad things

  4. Khairuddin Shadani says

    Dear All, concluding the debate lets read the documents the evidence of Malpractices promoted and supported by AKRSP Chitral. In-fact AKRSP running thousands of illegal civil society organizations in Chitral.
    I have posted all the documents to open study the fault line…
    I have nothing else to say after going through the malpractices in a #AKRSP /#AKDN developed LSO #GADO.
    The management of AKRSP saying that GADO is the best LSO then what about the worst many other illegal LSOs in Chitral.
    If any one having any doubt or query or need the solution can contact me at 03409862603.

    1. Ali says

      Mr Khair uddin why you are stuck with legal or illegal , you have to see the result of those lso,s and vwo,s that what they have contributed to the society. 98% of the developments work has done by AKDN And most of them has done by Akrsp. you have to look at the demography of this district and compare the contribution of AKDN and Govt and other NGOs.

  5. Hameed Ur Rahman says

    lotkhohi tan janjalan tan hal korur.. press conference kori tamasha korik ispa adat sawuz biti sher.

  6. khan says

    Refer to the statement of Mr. Salman Khan ,I would reply that it is not matter of Muslim and non Muslims and nor religious issues.It is matter of improving quality work through initiation of development activities ,so poverty could be minimized and communities become empowered.
    Favoritism and nepotism should be eliminated from the root and donation should be used with proper check and balance. Monitoring and evaluation sectors have to play major roles.Lavish expenditures should be avoided and action and activities should be economical thus the result or turn out could be expected always more than the cost.

  7. Anawar Ahamad says

    Thanks to the freedom of expression envisioned in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and also thanks to ChitralToday for promoting this core fundamental right of the citizens.
    I did really enjoy the arguments and counter arguments put by various learned writers.It is a fact that AKDN and Akrsp has done a good job for Chitral. But it has also to be acknowledged that numerous belts in the district still resit them for different reasons.So AKRSP can not be called the solo development player in the district.Any how its contributions can not be ignored altogether.However,it would be exaggeration as presented or implied by some commentators that without AKDN we would have been in a stone age situations.What is the acceptency of these organizations in the whole of the district . Accountability is the responsibility of every organization/institution inside the state and who is akrsp stands immune.Is this a sacred cow? If akrsp is not paying attention to public demand and conniving with some interested persons in Garamchashma to construct a micro power station without satisfying the a reasonable portion of the population ,it should be brought to justice rather creating anarchy in the area.GADO must stand for accountability first,as no organization stands above the law.Holding press conferences is not the means of resolving the issue. The district administration should establish a committee to probe the mess and if any organization is found biased will be punished.Here it is necessary to take corrective measures to avoid or minimize factors of nepotism and monopoly.

  8. Islamuddin says

    An overdue Micro-Hydel Project was inaugurated here today by the CEO of SRSP to provide electricity to the town area from which it was deprived for so long. The project marks arrival of SRSP in the valley, which had till now been left to AKRSP for intervention. Hopefully the arrival of SRSP would lead to healthy competition in quality work, efficiency and vibrant village organizations. Many of the AKRSP sponsored organization going defunct SRSP had to create new Vos and LSOs. In a period of two years four more local support organizations have sprung up in Lotkuh region, comprising Garam Chashma, Arkari and Karimabad valleys.
    Among the existing LSOs Karimabad Area Development Organization (KADO) appears to have gained some credibility but Garam Chashma Development Organization (GADO) is still wrecked from inside leading to the emergence of more LSOs, which speak volumes for the monumental failure of GADO and lasseiz faire policy of AKRSP. The appearance of the new LSOs have renewed public expectations that they might at last get a fair deal or at least the ensuing spirit of competition would put some life into the parasitic body of GADO and revive the defunct village organizations. Unfortunately this expectation is not likely to be fulfilled, as donor NGOs are adamant to continuing support for GADO for reasons best known to them. As a result this hope of improved service delivery in a competitive environment is going to be dashed and cultureof impunity continued.
    A few days back AKRSP guided tour of donor NGOs is said to have brought the team to GADO office completely ignoring PAIDO, LAIDO and Arkari Development Organization. These LSOs have strongly protested over the discriminatory attitude and have called for level playing field whereby projects should be advertised and given to NGOs having capacity and track record of success and community acceptance. Recently Inter Corp terminated its partnership with GADO for lacking capacity and rule compliance to carry out projects but similar action was not taken by other donor NGOs.
    The award of project simply on the basis of experience without checking the quality of experience is tantamount to committing suicide. New LSOs should be tested and allowed the benefit of experience so that a level playing field can be created. Donor NGOs like AKRSP and SRSP have done great works for the development of Chitral. They deserve gratitude and accolade from the public but to earn full credit they should do more by way of better procedures and oversight to improve public perceptions, which should not hold them responsible for the lack luster performance of these LSOs who create more controversies than resolve them. Controversies would not reach the media if these LSOs learn to follow merit and project a just image of themselves.
    By washing dirty linens in full public view these LSOs are doing disservice to their donors and deserve to be punished through termination of partnership agreement. Ignoring blunders would embolden the wrong doers It is time to make a paradigm shift for the better and donor NGOs must make amends for past mistakes. AKRSP should take cue from SRSP and stop working with non-functional LSOs, VOs and WOs and make a paradigm shift to encourage new organizations and instill spirit of competition in them to better serve the people — Islamuddin, 02 May 2016.

  9. Haqeeqat says

    I am very much surprised to see the press confrence and comments of some of the people in this regard that they know evething about the designed project and the old powerhouse of Yourjogh cluster organization.
    AKRSP has its own name in the country and world by it’s conttbutions and achievements towards rural areas development.It has brought broad changes in the standard of life in the community.It has provided training and awareness top to bottom in all areas of life of a man in the rural areas.Before AKRSP all educated and uneducated youths had only sports clubs and nothing else.All the piblic and studends were only dependent on the government.The community was engaged with their conventional farming.powerful man had solely authority and were deciding according to their interest.When AKRSP launched their activities in the areas.The registered member community became an authoritive body.Everything is made with the consent of the members villagers.
    In the bigginig many households did not join the organizations in the villages and were saying that this is not good to accountable to everybody in the VO/wo and Cluster organization.When the developmental activities showed result like energy sector and ahri cultural sec tors with loan availability were there in the doorsteps then these press confrencies joined the organizations and many of these have violated the basic riles of memberships.The people who have sat in the press conference have no any concern with the cluster othanization and have no track records in the cluster and in the AKRSP being registered members of the cluster of that time and now.They are not concerned members of the cluster and they have no interest with development and these just making the project issue messy.All other registered members say that Rehmat Noor,Hakim Muhmad,Sardar Khan and Sultan Ali are not registered with cluster Yourjogh even now.These have only passed their comment to make the aituatio. Worse because they don’t belief in development.These have their own interest doing such conferences.

  10. khairuddin says

    Ok. Moving ahead lets remember that the vision of HH is meritocracy and the first objective of AKRSP is the same.
    Now lets calculate. thousand of village organization never been audited and the office bearers never been change. so here is where AKRSP stands.
    In short AKRSP running or supporting thousands of illegal organizations.

  11. Syed Gohar Ali Shah says

    Apparently, this presser is an attempt to creating a storm in a teacup. AKRSP is a responsible organization that has contributed enormously towards the active development of Chitral. The district vis a vis many other districts of the country stands out for its institutional capacity and local governance structure among many other defining features. In order to prove the conjecture of AKDN having done nothing in Chitral, the hypothesis should be tested against, the minus one formula (minus AKDN, Chitral). We should be wary of hasty generalizations, as one of the learned readers is suggesting ‘to instigate a legal suit against AKRSP’. Social changes, unlike chemical changes, take hundreds of years to evolve. AKRSP does not have a magic wand to transform the ailing socio-economic conditions of Chitral overnight. Working with the community is one of the hardest things where multiple interests are at play. Usually, in development projects a consortium of organizations (local governance institutions, implementing partners and donor agency) is created that adopts a more or less ‘utilitarian’ approach (providing benefits to maximum human beings and other forms of life) in implementing projects. In this particular case, AKRSP or any other of the named organization cannot be tagged guilty since they would have taken consent from the grass-root level. Grudges at village shouldn’t be trumpeted as a failure of vital institutions. Such media campaigns not only belittle the efforts of our mountain community but would also set a negative precedence. This seems a strife between two or more individuals or groups that is being projected on a larger scale. These interest-cum-pressure groups are craving for creating their own private fiefdoms. AKRSP Chitral may be suffering from structural problems, incompetencies or any other malaise. It is also highly likely that AKRSP might have developing deficiencies that need to be addressed lest they would lead towards a catastrophe. However, nothing should come at the cost of the public welfare/benefit.

  12. Khairuddin says

    The grassroots of the problem the Management of AKRSP Chitral. There is lobby controlling the entire AKDN. That Lobby is active from the day AKRSP started in Chitral and till now there never been any change. They are holding the offices from last three decades.
    AKRSP running 2000 Village Organizations indirectly. Most of them never been audited from last 3 decades and their board never been changed.
    2nd most important is AKDN employees holding many honorary position in various civil society organizations. Like a person paid by AKDN for some job is holding several honorary position in various civil society organizations at higher level. Now these people are so influential that they hijacked the entire development process forming a lobby which control the entire AKND raised funds and often misused. I am writing a comprehensive note in future how AKDN employees hijacked the entire development process.
    Let me to say again what I said to CEO AKRSP in meeting with him that AKRSP must re-engage with the youth.Replace the mafia with the mostly high educated youth in our area.

    1. Sajid says

      Well,, very desperate to see your “comprehensive note” on AKDN employees hijacked the entire development process. Lets see what you’re up to….. luck

  13. Imtiaz Hussain says

    A very interesting discussion here, so I can’t control myself to comment on the press conference.
    Yorjogh cluster is an umbrella cluster of more than 22 VWOs (Village and Women Organizations) functioning from 1995 and have conducted different successful activities. Yorjogh cluster communities are too much enthusiastic about developmental activities and have accepted development on self interest. We are proud of AKDN especially AKRSP contribution towards Garamchashma development and no one is blaming AKRSP as an organization but blaming the management to make the activity controversial.
    Now the important issue need to be addressed is the matter of policy of PEDO, that during a meeting held in GADO at the end of 2014, Mr. Darajat clearly said that the fund is only for the construction of new MHP and there is no up gradation and renovation of old MHPs. The second most important point discussed in the meeting was that no one can take two connections at a time after the completion of this MHP. This all issues were discussed infront of all community members during meeting held in GADO and all the members were requested to forward resolutions for new MHP. Now the said community requested AKRSP and PEDO several times not to dismantle old power house which is the sole property of Yorjogh Cluster instead the ensured AKRSP and PEDO for any support in constructing new MHP in new area. Some self interested people dismantled the functional MHP without the consent of the community. Letters were also written to ChitralToday ( seven months before highlighting the prevailing social issue.
    Now it never means blaming AKRSP but it is requested to District Government, DCO Chitral, AC Mr. Syed Mazhar Ali Shah, PTI Chairman Mr. Imran Khan and other PTI authorities, MD PEDO, to send unbiased commission to know the real situation.

  14. Ali Haider says

    The press conference shows the inefficiency, ignorance and indifference of AKRSP and GADO officials. Being a community organization it was their responsibility to hear from the community and include some of their suggestions before taking any decision. It seems that they have forgotten the concept of “Social Mobilization” and try to act on their won ignoring community side. I am sorry to mention here that, the day to day management of affairs, and long term strategic decision are taken by individuals inside the organization who are incompetent, have shortage of long term vision, lack of suppuration and motivational skills.
    As far as performance of the AKDN in Chitral is concerned, we cannot ignore its contribution in raising the awareness and the socio-economic development of the community; but its impact could have been multiplied many folds if it was managed by people with strong vision, sincere with the organization and people.

  15. Amina Khan says

    When i see this trouble, day be day I feel so sad. I think That the Sleeping CEO of of AKDN and AKRSP. Bother these instituion run by Chitralies then why AKRSP became controversial Something is really odd and wrong within AKRSP managment. Can any one from the area explain what is really wrong inside AKRSP?

  16. Allauddin Shaadab says

    The contribution of AKRSP for Chitral must not be criticized in this way because every accomplishment in this regard is self explanatory and does not need any justification on this forum. I just wonder if AKDN was not there, where we would have been today? When i see the rural areas of Punjab and Sindh, I always start thinking in my mind that without the contributions of AKDN (for Education, Health, Housing, agriculture, safe drinking water, disaster management, women empowerment, social mobilization, business, career building, roads, electricity, sanitation etc.), our live standard would have been all like this where the children are still sitting on bare floors in schools, no safe drinking water, no proper shelter to live, unhygienic food, ignorance for family planning, unlimited diseases taking many lives on daily basis because of poor health facility, unawareness for almost everything have made the lives of people never less than a hell.
    Therefore, I must appeal for all those who keep negative views in this regard to ask a question from self and analyse what we had before and what we have today because of the uncountable achievements of AKDN.

  17. Javed Karim Chitral says

    It is quite old issue i think since last year people of yurjogh have been complaining but i am surprised why akrsp, pedo and gado keep mum and not ready to solve it. under akrsp philosophy no work can be done in a community if there is even one per cent dissension. so if these three organizations are right, and i hope they are, why they are not listening to the cluster people and resolve the issue. or the akrsp should come out and clarify its position bcoz it is public funds involved here.

  18. Shujaat Ali says

    The people of Garmchashma especially the people of Yurjogh are lucky to have the power house and all time electricity. I have been there many times and have observed that the investment of government in the area is nominal, AKRSP and AKDN has built roads, bridges, powerhouses, schools, health centers and even shopping centers for women. AKDN has given different skill training to each and every person according to their interest; from agriculture to business management to career counseling to disaster management. AKRSP has increased the per capita income about 100 times in ten years by introducing the modern cultivation practices, cash crops and other business solutions. These people are lucky to have AKDN and one can imagine the living conditions of the people of the area without AKDN and AKRSP.
    AKRSP and PEDO should take it positive as it shows that AKDN has developed the people of the area, now all the people are empowered and knows about participatory development. The development is bouncing back to AKRSP and it is the result of ignoring some portion of stakeholders during the decision making process regarding the powerhouse. We trust in AKRSP that there will be no financial embezzlement, but it seems a lack of any communication between AKRSP and local people. One thing I want to add that AKRSP should also teach the people how to behave and communicate in social, electronic and print media

  19. Muttasim Billah says

    The AKRSP failed to come up to expectations of people mainly due to nepotism and favouritism. The top management of AKRSP in Karachi is acting as a silent spectator. They come to Chitral on the occasion of Shandur polo festival. And you know what the local management has been doing to entertain their bosses in Karachi and Islamabad every year on the occasion of Shandur festival? They run a helicopter service to Laspur under the pretext of some visit by NGO baboos. I bet you these hard areas like Laspur and Yarkhun are never visited by RPM despite the fact that his job is to monitor projects on the ground. But every year in July the NGO baboos land up in Chitral to enjoy the weather and polo matches. And for them a helicopter is arranged under one pretext or another. The misuse of chopper by no other than AKDN or AKRSP officials should be banned. I would like to request the Paris Office of AKDN to take notice of this issue. This is one example of misusing the AKDN helicopter by the senior guys, what to talk of the official land cruisers. A man who is unable to afford fare to travel from Chitral to Dolomuts could be seen misusing the official landcruiser to buy only four chapatis or bread from the bazaar. Enough is is enough, it is now or never, the AKRSP officials should be made accountable at least in Chitral.

    1. Salman Khan says

      If you are muslim and believe on God please please pray namaz and Open Holy Quraan, then you please thing and read your article or comment and decide what you are saying, or your statement is 1% correct as per the facts on ground. It is not necessary to some goes on field and collect the data about your statement, as a muslim it is very very easy to decide what is wrong and what is correct. If you are muslim, it is upto you.
      We know you can write in english, but you are not aware about AKRSP’s contribution.

  20. Afzal Aman says

    Time has come a thorough probe should be ordered against AKRSP, as it has been hijacked by some vested interests right from top to bottom. Despite passage of so many years, its contribution for the area is almost zero.
    It is used by people to gain some experience and then switch to other organizations. The reason why it has failed to deliver is lack of merit as all the hiring is done on the basis of kith and kin. You can find two brothers working in the same organization and then their relatives take their place.

    1. Gul Khan says

      Ta he lue te rer ki kantu asako te hash sarer.

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