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Sibling doctors to launch oral hygiene campaign in Chitral

CHITRAL: Dr Ali Hussain Khan and his sister Dr Iqra Raza plan to launch oral health awareness drive in Chitral.

Dr. Khan has worked as a consultant at the Aga Khan Health Services, as a dental surgeon at Amin Diabetic and Dental Hospital. Currently, he works as an Assistant Manager at the Aga Khan University Department of Research and Graduate Studies and delivers various lectures on public health at AKU. Dr. Khan holds BDS from Hamdard University, Karachi.

He is also a recipient of Commonwealth Scholarship and pursued his MSc Public Health and Health Promotion from Leeds, UK. Dr. Khan has also been actively involved in development of research and practice in the field of dentistry and public health.

His recent work has been about trying to explore and establish relationship of dental health with various diseases categories in the context of Pakistan. Few of his research articles are in the process of publication.

Dr Khan’s sister, Dr. Iqra, who graduated from Liaquat Medical and Dental College, has opened Noor Dental Clinic where Dr. Ali guides and supervises her. Both siblings spend much of her time helping communities understand the importance of oral health though community free oral health check-ups. This year, both the siblings plan to travel to their native village Dizg in the Yarkhun valley of Chitral to start promoting oral health by educating communities that have no access to any kind of dental services and proper education.

“It is through patients that a dentist learns and discovers knowledge in dentistry. I address oral health concerns through the lens of public health and I think society has to be aware of those concerns,” he told ChitralToday.

“For example, a majority of patients who visit Noor Dental Clinic have poor oral hygiene, and one major reason has been the consumption of gutka and other beetle-nut products leading to the development of oral cancer or other diseases. This also shows that patient is not informed and treated early enough.” Dr Iqra said this was one of the reasons she opened a new dental clinic close to the area where there was less awareness about oral health and access to dental services.

“It is our hope that everyone in the neighborhood and far areas will equally benefit from all kinds of dental services and education that Noor Dental Clinic provides.” ]]>

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