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  1. Zahiruddin says

    We pray solute to the soul of Ahmed S/o Shukrat Baig for his great sacrifice and for the souls of all the innocent lives. May Allah Almighty grant rest to all the departed souls and grant patience and courage to all the bereaved families to bear these heavy losses. Aameen.My appreciation to the people of the area for their patience, discipline, exemplary behavior and hospitality.

  2. Shah Karez says

    The communities in Karimabad valley have always stood the test of times.One must learn cooperative behaviour from them.Our hearts bleed with the families who have lost precious lives. God bless the departed souls with eternal peace and give courage to the bereaved families to bear the loss.The efforts of public and private organizations to come to the rescue in this hour of tragedy and trial was commendable. God bless all those who participated in humanitarian task.

  3. Issa Khan Momi says

    Salute to the whole community of Karimabad, who gave courage to the bereaved families to bear great loss and work hard to find out the dead bodies of their loved ones despite of rough locality and harsh weather. I pay especial tribute to Mr. Ahmed who gave his life for the community. He will always be remembered.
    May all departed souls of this incident rest in eternal peace! Ameen.

  4. Jhon William says

    I appreciate Brigadier Khush, at least he took out some time to go to Susum area which must be a difficult terrain. The man who sacrificed his life while searching for the bodies of the students deserves tribute. We should write obituaries for them as well, as these are people who deserve appreciation.
    I would want Dr Faizi to write obituary for the students who have lost their lives as described by Brig Khush. Our sympathies are with the bereaved families. May Aallah give them patience to bear this irreparable loss.

  5. Brig (R) Khush Muhammad Khan says

    I pay my rich tributes to the entire community of Susum (Karimabad) for their fortitude in the face of the great tragedy when avalanche hit nine people including eight students. I was fortunate to visit the avalanche hit area and be with the people of Karimabad in the hour of grief and sorrow. Though I was completely grieved like any other family member on the loss of precious lives, but was really proud that how mountain communities despite enormous difficulties become great by being well organized and disciplined. I was extremely happy to see that the entire community was not only fully involved in searching the dead bodies of the innocent students but was highly cooperative and hospitable to all their guests who came from outside Karimabad. They included civil administration, Chitral Scouts, Pakistan Army, Chitral Levies, FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, etc. About 200 guests had been accommodated in the small village very efficiently despite cold weather and snow all around. I met some of the officers of civil administration and Chitral Scouts who had all the praise for the community. In fact the community has organized itself so well that they have managed for themselves basic necessities of life including basic health facilities, quality education, electricity, safe drinking water, community welfare organizations, etc. However, their most crucial problem, as I observed, is the dangerous road link to the valley. This is in fact a community built jeep-able track, constructed couple of years back with the help of various organizations, but needs widening in the face of fatal accidents that take place from time to time. If this road is built properly, the valley will have more opportunities of progress and development.
    I also pay my rich tributes to Ahmed son of Shukrat Baig for his great sacrifice. All those who were working there knew well the dangers but the high spirit did not let them leave this moral obligation incomplete. May Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace. May Allah rest in peace the departed souls of all the innocent students who embraced SHAHADAT. May Allah Kareem reward all those individuals and organizations who did wonderful job for the solace of the entire community (Aameen).
    Brig Khush Muhammad Khan (Retd)

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