FSc student dies from accidental gunfire

amir Family sources told ChitralToday that FSc student Mir Hussain, son of Abdul Ghani, along with his uncle Ejaz Ahmed had gone to a hillock near the Harchin village for hunting when he slipped and fell down. In the meantime, his 12-bore loaded gun went off and the bullets hit Mir Hussain. Seeing his nephew falling down and bleeding profusely, his uncle lost consciousness and also fell to the ground. People in the village heard the gunshot and rushed to the spot and found Mir Hussain dead and his uncle unconscious. They brought the body of Mir Hussain to his house and his uncle to a nearby health centre from where he was later discharged. It may be noted due to the lack of control by the government and oversight by parents young people openly use guns without any check and sometimes suffer such incidents in almost all parts of Chitral.—Amir Nayab ]]>

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