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Protesters call for compensation in accordance with PM's orders

drosh Speaking at the protest gathering here, the local protesters said the local government officials prepared faulty assessment reports and did not pay proper compensation to those whose houses had been fully damaged. Some of the affected people were even kept out of the compensation list even after they submitted applications to the local administration. They said even after carrying out repeated surveys and assessment, the affected people were not paid compensation. In many other cases, fully damaged houses were shown as partially damaged. On the other hand, cheques were given to non-deserving people due to their connections, they alleged. The protesters said due to the apathy and discriminatory attitude of the administration, the affected people had been undergoing mental distress and torture for over six months now. They also criticized the elected representatives of Chitral, including the MNA, three MPAs as well as the members of the District Council, for their failure to highlight the sufferings of the people of Chitral in the assemblies and with the government. The speakers also came down hard on the district administration for not initiating the reconstruction of the damaged infrastructures on time, adding now when water level in the streams and rivers started increasing, the administration had swung into action to channelize the waterways. The members of the village councils also said the KP government had promised to devolve powers to the grassroots level and directed that rehabilitation work should be carried out in consultation with the village council members but this was also not followed in Chitral. They called upon the federal and the KP government to order the district administration to pay compensation to the affected people in accordance with the announcement of the prime minister made last year.—Jahanzeb Rahi ]]>

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