AKHS employees end strike on new CEO's assurance

their strike on the assurance of chief executive officer Nadeem Abbas. Talking to ChitralToday on phone, a representative of the protesters said they apprised the new CEO about their grievances at a separate meeting held at PTC Motel Booni where the local management was barred from taking part. He said the new CEO termed the protest a result of a lack of understanding between the employees and the management. The CEO was of the view that the issue would have been resolved much earlier had the local management apprised him of the concerns of the employees. “We attach great importance to our employees as these are the people who deserve appreciation for making the AKHSP as a pioneer institution in area like Chitral where quality healthcare used to be a nightmare,” said the CEO. He informed the protesters that a consultant had been hired who would present his proposals regarding a service structure, new salary package and overtime by June-July and based on the recommendations the issues would be resolved on a priority basis hopefully by September this year. The CEO asked the employees to directly contact him without any hesitation via his personal email in case of any issue with the local management in future. Later, the protesters dispersed and resumed their duties after the CEO again said: “I’d no idea about the problems faced by my team and let me assure you that you will get good news – most probably in June-July.”]]>

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  1. There is sth fishy as the CEO promised to resolve the issue in June but now some people say it is not June rather Sept? It means the CEO also left by giving lolypop to poor AKHS employees.

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