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  1. Imtiaz ul hassan says

    @chitrali bilkul khoob hai tarkeeb main
    @waseem Thanks for the compliment
    @yusra thank you for your appreciation
    @SherRehmat agreed and thanks for your comment

  2. Sher Rahmat says

    Modernity is concerned with ideas. However in our part of the world the ‘western modernity’ reached in the form of goods which are byproducts of modernity. Thus we became familiar with modernity through western goods and technological products. That is we have become consumers though our thoughts have changed the least. And all that comes from the west is adopted without any appropriate process of scrutiny.

  3. Usra Shaukat says

    Our culture is the best. Yes we have to look to the aspect of things. Simply your thoughts are brilliant.

  4. Usra Shaukat says

    Our culture is the best. Yes we have to the aspect of things. Simply your thoughts are brilliant.

  5. Usra Shaukat says

    I appreciate your writing.Yes we have to look to the positive aspect of each and everything. You talked about the culture, I totally agree with you.Our culture is simply the best. We realize it when we are far away from our own culture. See to see much more in the future from your side.

  6. waseem afzal says

    Very true, ! We have to stick with our culture which is second to none,they u have joted is simply brillient.

  7. chitrali says

    marey khiyal ma…..khoob ha tarkeeb mae qawmey rasool hashmi….bajaye khas key…….

  8. Imtiaz ul hassan says

    @sajid bilkul khaas hai tarkeeb main quame rasoole hasmhmi and thanks for your appreciation
    @Aqeel thank you buddy
    @sher wali khan aseer thank you Uncle your compliment really counts alot for me thanks for the encouragement.
    @seemab well copying them is just like copying our grand ancestor as you already know they got these good thing from muslim when muslim ruled spain for 700 years they were in the dark before that.So following their positive things is just like following our ancestor

  9. Seemab says

    Best modernism is to be creative, agree with you somehow but we don’t need to copy anyone we have our own history and we can write our future

  10. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    A beautiful piece of writing. A factual description of Modernism.We are to imitate their virtues and compete with the developed world in science and technology and civilized living, staying within the boundaries of our religion and culture.

  11. Syed Aqeel Ali Shah says

    Agree lal dear… Modernism means sophisticated level of development,education,way of living,way of speech,technology and policies rather than as you are saying….

  12. sajid ali khan says

    Apnii melat par qayas aqwam e maghrib say na kar..
    khaas hay tarkeb mai qoom e rasool e haashmii..
    apreciated ?

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