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PM’s health program to cover 11,000 households from Chitral

After attending a meeting of the National Assembly standing committee on health, the MNA said the committee recommended the removal of hurdles for the early implementation of the programme. He said Chitral had been included in the first phase of the health programme amongst 22 beneficiary districts selected out of a total of 144 districts of Pakistan.

However, the MNA did not reply to a text message sent to him by ChitralToday about the names of hospitals the patients of Chitral would have to approach for the free treatment under the programme.

TREATMENT PACKAGES SECONDARY CARE PKR 50,000 • In Patient Services (All Medical and Surgical Procedures). • Emergency Treatment requiring admission. • Maternity Services (Normal Delivery / C – Section). • Maternity Consultancy (up to 4 times before and once after delivery) • Fractures / Injuries. • Post hospitalization. • Local Transportation Cost of PKR 350 (thrice per year). • Provision of transport to tertiary care hospitals. PRIORITY TREATMENT PKR 250,000 • In Patient Services (All Medical and Surgical Procedures). • Heart diseases (Angioplasty/bypass) •

Diabetes Mellitus • Burns and RTA (Life, Limb Saving Treatment, implants, Prosthesis) • End stage kidney diseases/ dialysis • Chronic infections (Hepatitis/HIV) • Organ Failure (Liver, Kidney, Heart, Lungs) • Cancer (Chemo, Radio, Surgery) PANELED HOSPITALS Rawal General And Dental Hospital Lathrar Road, Khana Dhak, Islamabad Islamabad 051-2617381-3 Al Nafees Medical College & Hospital Frash Town, Lethrar Road, Islamabad Islamabad 051-8439901-10 0300-7188871 Life Care Hospital Islamabad Main double road, G -10 Markez,

Islamabad Islamabad 051 2355994-5 Begum Jan Hospital Islamabad Main Lethrar Road, Ali pur frash, Islamabad Islamabad 051- 2561724 Kashmir Surgical & General Hospital Poultry Farm Road, Muzaffarabad A.K Muzaffarabad 05822 443384 Muzaffarabad General Hospital Radio Station Chowk, Neelum Road, Muzaffarabad 0300 5151961 Pima Al-Hajiri Hospital Sundgran Srinagar Road Muzaffarabad 058810-51639 TERTIARY/REFERRAL TREATMENT HOSPITALS Shifa International Hospital Pitras Bukhari Rd, Sector H/8-4, Islamabad Islamabad 051-8463666,051-4863200 Rawalpindi Institute Of Cardiology Rawal Road Rawalpindi Islamabad 051 – 281111-2 Pakistan Institute Of Medical Sciences Ibn-e-Sina Rd, Sector G-8/3, Islamabad Islamabad 051-9260500. 

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  1. Asad Ali says

    Health insurance system is successfully implemented in many developed countries of the world.In Pakistan it is in its initial stage and the insurance company dealing is trying to evolve a mechanism for its successful implementation.
    At present it is visible in Islamabad territory.Inclusion of Chitral district in its initial phase is a good news.Great initiative of PM Nawaz Sharif, if successfully implemented will benefit the deserved general public.

  2. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    It is too early to comment on the news item. There are many things to be judged regarding implementation, release of funds, impartiality in selection of the beneficiaries and simplicity of bureaucratic procedure.Usually such kind of packages are meant benefiting the relevant party sympathizers or bribe to voters for coming elections. SBB Support programme is a living example of such packages. PPP’s vote bank owes to SBBSP for its survival in Chitral.

    1. imtiaz booni says

      fully agree with Sir Aseer this so called national health program is a failure like nawaz sharif’s announcement of compensation for flood and earthquake affectees of chitral.
      there is no progress on his announcement to construct chitral booni, garam chashma and other roads. funds provided for quake victims were given to friends and relatives of govt officials and supporters of political parties and real affected people remained without help even after spending 300 to 500 rupees on purchase of stamp papers. Nawaz sharif also announced to waive agriculture loans but the MNA and MPAs did not take follow up of his announcement due to which the poor people could not get any benefit.
      it seems we will remain on empty promises and announcement and govt of nawaz sharif will complete its tenure. long live democracy.

  3. Anis ur Rahman says

    Great news for us ….N.Sharif zindabad MNA chitral paindabad….

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