Qaqlasht festival starts from 14th

qaq copy The committee at a meeting chaired by Mukhtar Ahmad Sangeen decided that the festival will start on April 14 and conclude on April 17. Different games such as polo, football, volleyball and Chitral’s traditional games tug of war, shooting competition etc would be the main features of the event. Besides, musical bands would also perform on the occasion. This year, the committee has announced to hold the event inviting participants from across the province of KP. A polo team of Gilgit-Baltistan would also take part in the festival. The committee also reviewed the arrangemnets for the festival. The meeting was also attended by elected local government representatives from different parts of upper Chitral. Sub-committees have been formed to make arrangements for the football, volleyball, polo and cricket matches. It may be added that for the first time this year the KP government has provided funds to the district administration for the festival on the reccommendation of MPA Fouzia Bibi and Sardar Hussain.]]>

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  1. it has not been finalised yet that jashn will be conduct on april 14. mukhtar lal and committee has not been given any authority to conduct jashn qaqlast till now. there are thousands of spectators who will be coming on the event so please without any proper information do not share such news.

    1. mr muahammad ali khan, whose permission mukhtar lal and his committee needs to announce the date??? qaq lasht festival is not organized by the govt/district administration but by the local people themselves and the committee of local people does not need anyone’s permission.
      this year however the kp govt has allocated about 8 lac rupees to district administration for the festival but again it does not mean that local people would have no say in organizing or announcing a date for it. if you still do not agree, come to qaq lasht on april 14 to 17 to enjoy the event. the annual fest will start on april 14 as announced by committee.

      1. mr imtiaz, i dont think you know the reality behind the scene. i know people of upper chitral conduct jashn from the last 11 years i have attended more than 10 times. i even personally knows the committee members who start the jashn back in 2005. if they dont need permission why they were invited by DCO chitral on april 7 in his office, n even today there z a meeting in chitral regarding the committee issues. i am not saying there z a problem regarding the date but there z issues regarding the committees.

        1. dear Ali, you are right, this year distrect administration interested to organize qaqlasht festival with the supports of local community. the permission and NOC from district adminstration is must to organize the event.

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