One Reply to “Military land never given on lease: Chitral Scouts”

  1. No one had been expecting such a statement from a disciplined organization like Chitral Scouts. How is it possible that people had been using huge military land without any agreement. And if this was the case why not CS took legal action against the occupiers. Lot of questions rise here and would obviously needs factual response from CS. It is wondering that “Check Posts” were given to local people in late 80s but everyone in this backward part of Pakistan would recall that the people of Chitral were not familiar with any kind of security measures including checkposts until 2007-08.
    Most of the houses were given on Lease in 1960s not in 1980s. It is also known that CS and the leases faced each other in court of law between 1989 to 1993 and out of court negotiations took place on the request of CS. Again there was legal fight in 2010-11 and still some people are in courts.
    It is also learned that the land in Drosh did not belonged to CS rather it is property of Military Estate. So it is better to give substantial statement.

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