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All major roads cleared of blockades

CHITRAL: Roads connecting to different valleys, which were blocked during the recent rains, have been cleared, said Deputy Commissioner Osama Ahmad Waraich.

He said the Angargoon water supply to Chitral has also bee restored. The blocked roads which were cleared of debris and boulders by using heavy machinery included Bumburate, Garam Chashma and Chitral-Booni roads.

However, small valleys in the far-off areas of upper Chitral still remain inaccessible as there is no arrangements to remove the heavy stones from the roads. At many points, avalanches have also blocked the tracks leading to these area, especially in the Yarkhun and Laspur valleys.

People are also facing hardship in providing fodder to their cattle besides plugging their seeping houses. The Oct 26, 2015, earthquake and the aftershocks had already developed cracks in the mud houses and the owners were not paid any compensation to repair them.

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