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Z. A. Bhutto, a great leader

bhuttoWe (Pakistan) will eat grass and leaves and even go hungry but will get one of our own (atom bomb). We have no other choice.(Z.A.Bhutto). Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the only son of Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto, was born on 5th of January 1928. His ancestors belong to Rajput caste of Hindu warriors but embraced Islam . It is never wrong if we call Mr Bhutto a born politician as his grave interest in politics led him to write a letter to M. A. Jinnah when he was only seventeen which read. “You have inspired us and we are proud of you being still in school I am unable to help in the establishment of our sacred land but the time will come when I’ll even sacrifice myself for Pakistan,” and this is what he did. Mr Bhutto was the first Asian student to be elected to the student council at USC. For higher education, he enrolled in University of California (1947), from there Mr Bhutto joined Oxford University England and then went to Lincolon’s Inn in London as student of Political Science and Law. Sep 8th 1951 was the day when Mr Bhutto and Nusrat Ispahani (Iran) married and Almighty blessed them with four children i.e Benazir, Murtaza, Sanam and Shah Nawaz Bhutto. Bhutto’s official carrier started in 50s when he was appointed as minister of commerce by President Mirza. He was also appointed as a member of UN Delegation, when he was only 29 in sep 1957. Bhutto was given charges of Minister of information and broad casting, tourism, minorities, etc. June 15,1963 came with minister ship of foreign Affairs for Bhutto till Aug 31, 1966. Soon after in 1967 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto founded Pakistan people’s party. It was 20th Dec 1971 when Mr Bhutto took oath as 4th president of Pakistan. On 14th Aug 1943 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto became the 9th prime minister of Pakistan after getting clear majority in West and remained in the office till 5th July 1977. He is none other than Bhutto who is being called Quaid-i-Awam, recovery of 93000 POWs and 5000 sq miles after signing Shimla Agreement with India clearly witness his political mind indeed he was great in crises .The constitution of 1973 reflects his maturity ,establishment of Pakistan steel mill and Port Qasim shows his keen interest towards industrialization. wasn’t it Bhutto who stressed and did his level best to make a nuclear state ,yes he was Bhutto who used to say Islam is our faith , democracy is our policy ,socialism is our economy and all powers to people. But this sign of brotherhood for the whole Islamic nation was never let to achieve his goals. 3rd sep 1977 the deposed PM was arrested .He was charged with conspiracy to murder Nawab M. Qasuri, the father of Ahmad Raza Qasuri, but sooner he was released on bail. Meanwhile a planned scenario by the army man was enough to cancel the bail order .TO read the military action to arrest all times respected hegemony aggravates the ire. Amidst of all in middle night of 16 the September army commandos come to Mr Bhutto residence(AL Murtaza)and arrested the legendry person keeping no norms in line and for this time he is never to be released again. Here comes the black day for Democratic world ,the black day for Islamic world, black day for poor people ,black day for voice less people ,black day for the whole nation and that day was 4th April 1979 when quaid-i-awam was hanged for the undone crime to which he himself said “I did not kill that man. My God is aware of it. I am Muslim and I can face Almighty with a clear conscience and tell him that I rebuilt his Islamic state of Pakistan from ashes into a respectable nation. I’m not afraid of death.” (A letter from death cell). People say “aj b bhutto zinda ha”kal b bhutto zinda tha” (Bhutto is alive ) but they get reply in sayings that these have become insane and mad where Bhutto is alive, even his whole family has vanished but to them we say Bhutto is alive, he is alive in our hearts and soul in our mind and role as Bhutto is name of poor’s voice, it is the call for oppressed, Bhutto is the name of change, the sign of development, the name of unity, and so on. Then we all should say but even louder ” kal b bhutto zinda tha aj b bhutto zinda ha” So summing up we have to admit that Pakistan needs Bhutto today more than it ever has . ]]>

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  1. Salman Ali Shah says

    I don’t have courage to argue with you because I know, you’ll never stop unitil I accept your words and that I never want to.. I wish this topic was written by some one else.. Great start intresting article.. Will eagerly wait to read more from you.. Best of luck.. Bhutto was a true leader indeed, but everyone is mean in this little round shaped temporary world..

  2. Imtiaz ul hassan says

    great yaar Keep it up

  3. waseem afzal says

    @usra shaukat thank you v much and so nice of u.
    Go through your every single point and then read the answers,unless it will be difficult to understand.
    1.National language bengali ,capital dhaka,and strategic location of bengal along with indian intervention.more ever it was already done by the general ,they were neglected in each and every field from army positions to civil and so on ,they were far behind ……
    2.Dear his land reforms are crystal clear ,and that was the time when common people were even unaware of their basic rights,he empowered people by showing their rights ,he showed how to get them but u are seeking gradute level maturity when people were even not aware of abc,
    3. In your third point yourself admitted of empowerment of people by letting them know about their rights and if one knows his right that becomes his responsiblity
    4.Opx dear ,4th point is not less than funny ,on oneside u are saying of the cabinet members and in this point u are against nationalization.
    5.With due resppect our litracy rate was below 10 percent at the time of independence,and was just 15 in 70s but after this order our litracy rate climbed up ,as this sour decision of time motivated number of students to go with education and please don’t assume that litracy rate was increased due to this order .this was simply to motivate people towards edu ,thanks to bhutto that today we have crossed 60 percent.
    6.Your answer to the sixth point is there in the main body.
    Now the last but never the least u have raised 6 points and every second points is the denial of the first ,thanks for that.all the above with due respect.

  4. Usra Shaukat says

    Wasim,you have put down the words in a very nice way. Hope to see much more from your side.

  5. waseem afzal says

    @khan ,ali and asrhad,
    Thanking you khan.dear Arshad we must.your words about india are never less than imagination ,india was not even accepting our exixtance and was hoping to re capture us,for supposition if I might agree with your’s words then there was even no need of seperation.we were body without soul before 1973 constitution.if anyone is true leader after jinnah then he is none other than bhutto.if v were not blessed with bhutto then 4 sure we were a century back,if u say how?then take out all the infrastracture from today’s chitral only andu will find chitral and yourself back in al hazrat’s period.simply bhutto did a lot in every field but I agree with u there is a room 4 improvement ,it is the need of time to promote justice ,good governance ,fair play and much more that is y I said we need bhutto today more than it ever has.

    1. Arshad says

      1. Bhutto did not accept the electoral majority of Awami League in East Pakistan which led to the breakup of the country.
      2. Bhutto pitched tenants against their petty land holders and cultivated class hatred across the country but himself embraced the biggest landlords of Pakistan in his cabinet.
      3. Bhutto harped on the rights of the people but never talked about their responsibilities, which created a one sided culture of loot and corruption.
      4. Bhutto forcibly nationalised industries and handed them over to jialas to plunder them. Pakistan’s industrial development which was an envy of neighbors took a fatal plunge in his time.
      5. Bhutto ordered students to be promoted without passing exams. Probably the biggest disservice to this nation.
      6. Asghar Khan mentions in his book that Bhutto asked him not to oppose him but to join hands and together rule the people for 20 years. When Asghar khan asked him how could he rule for 20 years, to which Bhutto replied “by making a fool of the people”

  6. Suroom Khan says

    Wasim! I am really feeling proud of you. It’s never easy to put words on paper in a attractive way. It show how talented you are. Keep going and make it more fabulous next time.

  7. Arshad says

    I agree with Ali Ahmad. We are an atomic power since last twenty years but do not have basic civic needs like decent supply of electricity, clean drinking water, reasonable roads and proper health care systems, like any average country these days has. Despite having the atom bomb, we are comparable to Burundi and Ethiopia in social index figures. Our passport is the second most disrespected in the world. As a nation we are considered untrustworthy and dangerous by the world. What has the atom bomb done for us? Saved us from Indian aggression? Well there could have been a better way to safeguard from Indian aggression i.e to not interfere in their matters and maintain a friendly relation with them. Living on hypes and emotions initiated by Mr Bhutto and supported by the establishment, we keep charging imaginary armies like a Don Quixote. We must relinquish hate for any country/entity and learn to live in harmony with our neighbors and use our resources to develop our human index. We must look towards promoting discipline, education, justice, good governance and fairplay more than the emotionalism and the atom bomb of Mr.Bhutto.

  8. Ali Ahmad says

    We have the bomb and we are eating grass. Couldn’t have been worse without the atom bomb. Bhutto should have concentrated on nation building, instilling discipline and order in the nation. The destruction of institutions began with his reign and continues unabated till date. Sorry to say so on his death anniversary, may God forgive him, but facts are sacred and need to be highlighted at any oppurtune time.

  9. Imtiaz ul hassan says

    Indeed he was great leader but saying he was great leader we cant support his present party which is full of corrupt peoples

  10. ajaz says

    Of course the great man .jeayyyy bhutto

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