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Early flooding in streams adds to people’s worries

CHITRAL: Flooding in streams and rivers has worried people of Chitral who saw widespread destruction to properties during the summer last year.

Reports said one person lost his life after falling debris as a result of the rain hit him in a remote village of Gobor valley in Garam Chashma. A correspondent of ChitralToday said the Garam Chashma road was also blocked at several points due to landslides.

On Sunday morning, there was a flooding in the stream of Zait village near Reshun which also blocked the Chitral-Mastuj road for several hours. IN the south of Kuragh, debris and stones are continuously falling on the road putting the travelers at the risk of being hit.

Elsewhere too, stones and boulders are falling after the prolonged rain. Most of the people especially taxi drivers have minimized their travel plans on the Chitral-Mastuj road due to the threat of landslides and blockades.

ChitralToday correspondent Nasir Ahmed reported from Bang in the Yarkhun valley that the area was blocked after the continuous rain caused landslides and avalanches at different points. He said standing crops and houses have also been damaged.

The area is also facing a shortage of daily-use commodities and fuel. In a number of villages, the local powerhouses also stopped working after their water channels were washed away by flooding in the streams. 

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