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Russian man dreaming to marry in Chitral ends up in police custody

russianSources in the police told ChitralToday that a few days ago posters appeared on walls in different parts of Chitral in which the man stated that he was a Muslim and a resident of Moscow, the capital city of Russia. He said he had come to Chitral with an aim of marrying a local woman and get settled here for good. He showed his original name as Apelgans Viacheslov, which he said he had changed to Turud Ali after embracing Islam. The local police took the man in their custody and seized his travel documents. He was directed not to move out of his hotel until a final decision is taken on the basis of a joint investigation report being prepared by the police and other law enforecement agencies. Sources said the man had also promised to some local people to pay them up to one million rupees in case they helped him in finding a wife in Chitral. The sources said the man had also come to Chitral in December 2015 but at that time he was turned away by the police.–Muhkam Uddin]]>

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  1. IK says

    This is a complete non-issue and police should rather focus on its duties rather than creating media hype. A Spy will never expose himself in a bizarre manner like this and can anyone guide what kind of secret can a spy get from Chitral. So, better let tourist come to Chitral and help our people whose bread and butter is associated with this industry.

  2. Imranul Islam says

    Marrying in any particular place or region doesn’t necessarily means that the intentions of the suitor have hidden meaning or people should look down upon that region or the people belonging to that region. He may be having good memories of that region or the people residing there.
    When we aspire to go out to Europe or other countries of the world amid aspirations to make a better life for ourselves while marrying and settling outside, we actually are looking up to the place or the residents of that particular place

    1. Meraj Khan says

      exactly i agree with you. no one can stop anyone from marrying in chitral if the man and the woman are agreed neither anyone in other cities can stop any chitrali man from marrying there. but for years unscrupulous people using money and tricks in connivance with some crooks in Chitral have misled innocent people and took away their daughters to spend their life in a hellish way. this has tarnished the image of chitral and now in most of country people think that in chitral women are sold for money.
      we need to create awareness among the people of chitral to be extra vigilant from outsiders and strangers and thoroughly probe before agreeing to marry off their daughters.
      Meraj Khan

  3. Den says

    Hi, if is born 1986 as is stated in his passport how then he is 28 years old? He is clear 30 years old!!!

  4. aman says

    what iz d hell why people out there think chitral is free for all……. and why our people have distorted our image out of chitral, country and now abroad. this russian man must have come and have connections in chitral who might have invited him. they should be probed and brought to justice.
    moreover, any one coming to chitral for purpose of marrying whether pakisatan or foreigners should be bundled up and sent back.

  5. Mottasim Billah says

    After the arrest of RAW agent Gulboshan Yadov in Balochsitan, there is a need to hold a thorough probe into this incident in Chitral to ascertain if Russia’s External Intelligence Service (SVR) formerly known as KGB has any link with it. Also, people having Russian connection or suspected of spying for Russia should also be grilled or it will be the failure of our security apparatus.

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