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  1. Eid Hussain says

    I would like to say that all of the government staff are misuing their authority in any way whenever they find opportunity to encash it. This is so unfortunate to say that they are not even dare to ponder that they have been entrusted this power to exercise in the best interest of the public. As their earning/benefits is being injected from the taxes paid by these ill-fated people who pay the same as their prime liability to the government, and in return s they are being badly treated . In government offices, the staff consider the bribes and kickbacks as their right and rarely see them to discharge their duty as their liability to the public, and similarly in government hospital,some of the doctors friend considered themselves as they only humanbeing and the others people are just insects…Hence the height of pride and ego and showing themselves as the king at cost of the helpless public is at its peak in all over the country….

  2. Mottasim Billah says

    This is absolutely not fair to give a clean chit to doctors as they seriously need to be reformed. Chitral is a haven for doctors to make money if it is an ideal place for young bureaucrats to polish their skills.
    I would rather say that it is the doctors who are fond of experiment and that with human lives. They seek posting in Chitral because here no one can drag them to courts in case of any mishap. So this is how these fresh MBBS and BDS learn.
    If you are that brave what you did to give an end to injustice being done to poor Kalash girls whom you claim some officers force to entertain their begmat? Did u ever take such officers to the court and exposed them in the media? Did you ever protest when towels were left in the stomach of some patients due to negligence of your cream doctors? And the answer from you is: no. How many people have lost their eyesight due to failed surgery by some grade 19 opthamologists? How can you justify a local doctor occupying a govt quarter by renting out his own houses in the centre of the town? How can you downplay the distt admin drive against encroachment?

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