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Two Chitrali women win peace award in India

alya Aliya, 24, and Suraya, 23, have been utilizing social media space as a bridge of knowledge to enhance p2p communication, and to advocate for Indo-Pak peace and friendship. Through the usage of social media, they have been able to connect thousands of Indians and Pakistanis, facilitate sharing of knowledge, views and facilitate to develop a bond, a memory and a hope for peace and progress from the last three years. On March 15, in New Delhi, Aliya Harir (Convener of Aaghaz-e-Dosti) and Suraya Islam (Karachi) were felicitated with an award by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), India, at the 3rd Social Media for Empowerment Awards & Summit. Aaghaz-e-Dosti project was shortlisted as finalist for the summit. Both the girls headed to New Delhi and presented their project at the summit among 60 other shortlisted projects. DEF India received more than 266 entries this year. Hence emerging as one of the finalists is no mean feat. By the end of the day, when winners were announced Aaghaz-e-Dosti was winner in the category of Advocacy, Communication and Development Activism. The award was supported by Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, New Delhi. Aliya Harir expressing her happiness says that “the award is a testament to the mutual desires of peace and friendship that rest in the hearts of the common people on both sides of the border. Peace is a much underestimated field in both the countries. Since Aaghaz-e-Dosti is a women led initiative, the award also highlights the role of women, from rural areas like Chitral, as peacebuilders, not only as custodians of traditions, customs and values.” Suraya was of the view that “A lasting peace between India and Pakistan is long overdue and crucial, the award is an encouragement for us to work harder. It is a motivation for our friends from Chitral to join us in the endeavors. Chitrali women are capable of bringing change by transcending borders.” Aliya and Suraya have dedicated this award to everyone who supports ‪-Indo-Pak peace. “It is a victory for Chitral and the whole of Pakistan,” they said. ]]>

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  1. qazi waqar iqbal says

    excellent work

  2. Hamidul jalal says

    I heartedly appreciate the chitrali sisters they are the assets of Pakistan nation and they win the peace award, belong to very remote and far flung area district chitraj,

  3. Shujaat Ali says

    Congrats to both sisters and their families for this achievement, we know that you are done really a big & wonderful job to bring peace in the countries.

  4. Zahiruddin says

    Aliya Harir and Surayya Islam have really done wonderful job and raised our heads with dignity and pride across the continents. Congratulations!

  5. Shehla Hakim says

    @Mottasim Billah: It is again male chauvinism in our society characterized with non-tolerance towards weaker sex. No one can assimilate the accomplishment of women be it in the form of presenting resolution in zilla council or winning award in India.

  6. Mottasim Billah says

    It seems RAW funded initiative. We can not befriend with India no matter. The intelligence agencies should keep a vigilene eye on such characters.

  7. Javed says

    Well done my Sisters

  8. Shehla Hakim says

    It gives an immense pleasure and my joy knows no bounds to come through the news item. It is really a great achievement for the daughters of Chitral to attain such a glorious position and I must salute their confidence for which one should give credit to their parents for building their personality in such mode. In Chitral, most of the parents and the society as a whole, discourage the daughters from taking initiatives which are usually attributed with men folk. The time has come when a daughter from the mountainous region of Chitral to come out but with her modesty and respect. The empowerment of women (poor fellow) is the dream of any educated girl in Chitral and yearn for it more than others. The women must be emancipated in all spheres of life;politically, economically and psychologically. Aliya and Suraya are the rays of hope at least for me and I hope their company in Chitral to realize my dream. well done again.

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