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Quake-hit people protest non-payment of compensation

The protesters held a rally and later gathered outside the office of the assistant commissioner Drosh. They said few months back when they protested against the local administration for not paying them compensation for their damaged houses, Deputy Commissioner Osama Ahmad Waraich had promised to fulfill their genuine demands. However, after the passage of months no progress has been made and the affected people remained without compensation. They said now it had become clear that the district administration deceived the local residents and was not ready to compensate them as directed by the federal government. The protesters led by Salahuddin Tofan, Qari Nizam, Abdul Bari, Muhammad Hassan and others said their demands were genuine and they would continue their protest until the demands were fulfilled. Their demands included the inclusion of leftover people in the compensation list and the payment of of compensation to all the affected people. ]]>

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