PML-N leader wants to purge BISP of undeserving beneficiaries

sifat zarin There have been complaints that more than two and in some cases five to six members of a single family have been made the beneficiaries of the programme only because of their links in the government departments and among the officials concerned. In an appeal made to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N Chitral chapter general secretary, Sifat Zareen, on Thursday said over 20 per cent of the people of Chitral deserved to get the assistance under the BISP but currently only five per cent were registered and over 50 per cent of them were non-deserving. He called upon the prime minister and the chairperson of the BISP, Marvi Memon, to order the constitution of a committee in Chitral with the mandate to investigate and purge all the non-desrving people from the programme and include the left-over desrving persons in it. He was of the view that such a step was very necessary to bring transparency to the programme and provide relief to the genuine deserving people.–Bashir Hussain Azad ]]>

3 Replies to “PML-N leader wants to purge BISP of undeserving beneficiaries”

  1. It is the right initiative to focus the ultra poor people.It is quite unfortunate that some persona non grata selected their own relatives at the cost of the most deprived segment of society who are vulnerable and marginalised.Those who have done this should be brought to the court of law.BISP fund should only go to those who have no means of legitimate livelihood.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral

  2. I fully support Mr. Sifat Zareen on this issue. This scheme needs to be investegated and undeserved recipients need to be removed. Those who falsified their income and household size in order to qualify need to be punished by the court of law and recovered the amount from them.Government should also take action against corrupt officials.

  3. Well very good voice- thump. Let stay 2nd here
    BISP name should be changed. otherwise it looks like a political fund.
    Those getting this fund are mostly PPP rich leaders are or NGO mafia relatives.
    2000 Village organization cooperated in BISP- there VOs are all illegal

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