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  1. Shujaat Ali says

    My warmest congratulation to all the candidates and their relatives, we proud of you, keep it up and I pray for your successful life in future. God bless you.

  2. Muhammad Wazir Khan says

    I extend my warmest congratulations to all the qualifying students, their parents and teachers for producing such a tremendous result. No doubt, it is immense source of pleasure for every individual of Chitral but it gives much more satisfaction that our premier educational institutions are doing very well and our young generation is serious and competent enough to encounter the future challenges. Wish you best of luck for the next stage of your qualifying process.

  3. shams says

    Excellent result, congratulations to all students and AKES staff who have devoted their efforts to achieve such an encouraging results. AKESP is achieving the core objective.

  4. Shahana Mehak says

    Congratulation to all the students. Very good luck for your admission. Just do your best,leave the rest for Allah.
    Can anyone plz tell us all about UWC. Just a summary plz?

    1. Sajid says

      @ Ms. Shabana Mehak
      Good luck

  5. Nizar Ali Shah says

    Congratulations to students of AKHS Koragh, AKHS Seenlasht and students of GDLanglands school, who have come off with flying colour in the competitive admission tests.The Chinese rightly say that thousand miles of journey starts with a single have started the right journey in the right direction.By dint of your hard work you have won this laurels and this is a feather in your cap.At the same time congratulations to parents and teachers.wish you best of luck in your future endeavour.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral

  6. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    We extend our heartiest congratulations to the brilliant students, their proud parents, their salutable teachers and the AKHS Management upon this wonderful achievement in competitive exam for admission in to the United World Colleges (UWCs. We, Chitral people should be proud of this performance of our youth, and be thankful to Allah that 21 students out of 38 short listed students hail from Chitral. We pray for their success in the interviews, Insha Allah!

  7. Brig (R) Khush Muhammad Khan says

    It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction to see the results of competitive test for admission into United World Colleges, where such a large number of students from Chitral have qualified for the interviews for admission into international level foreign colleges. My heartiest congratulations are due to the students for their brilliant spirit of competition. Very Well-done the students of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Kuragh and Seenlasht have done marvalous. Wish you best of luck for your interviews. A number of students of AKHSSs are already undergoing college education in different foreign countries.

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