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Tehreek leaders afraid of inquiry, says DC Chitral

dc “This isn’t correct and the correct story you can confirm from notables, including Tehsil Nazim, Naib Nazim, Rehmat Ghazi etc,” the DC stated in a message sent to ChitralToday on Friday in respone to a story published in chitralToday on March 3. He added, “We told the Tehreek people that we have come to Booni as per our promise. Secondly, there are certain things beyond the control of the DC like allocation of funds for relief has to be done by the provincial government. We offered them to arrange their meeting with the chief minister KP but they refused and said they will continue with strike and protest.” According to the DC, the assistant commissioner Mastuj told the gathering that Rehmat Salam, one of the leaders of the Tehreek, already had received three cheques (one for each of his brothers), Nazim Pervez also received a cheque for his damaged house. “So this is just a drama being carried out by these people who are actually afraid of the inquiry now being ordered to verify why three cheques were issued to Rehmat Salam’s brothers and whether Nazim Pervez was given the cheque rightly or not,” the DC added.]]>

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