DC due in Booni to discuss two demands of residents

Osama Ahmad Waraich Osama Ahmad Waraich[/caption] Talking to ChitralToday, Shujauddin Lal, the general secretary of the Tehreek and a Jamaat-e-Islami upper Chitral leader, said that after a protest held at Charun bridge a few days ago by the earthquake-affected people, the deputy commissioner called a delegation from upper Chitral to discuss their demands. The people were protesting against non-payment of compensation to the quake-hit people, transfer of AC Mastuj Hamidullah Khattak and the construction of a bridge connecting the Kosht union council and a water channel of Bumbagh which were washed away by the floods in July 2015. During the meeting with the DC, district nazim Maghfirat Shah promised to visit Kosht area and arrange funds for the reconstruction of the bridge and the water channel. However, the DC could not take any decision on the payment of compensation to the quake-affected people and the transfer of the AC Mastuj. But he assured the delegation that he would soon visit Booni to discuss the demands in details. Mr Shuja said there were over 14,000 people in upper Chitral whose houses had been damaged fully or partially. The local administration carried out a number of surveys and then verified them but the people are still waiting for the payment of the compensation. He said people of the area were of the view that the AC Mastuj was responsible for the delay in the payment of the compensation despite instructions from the federal government. Besides, he was also being accused of often turning away people, including elected representatives, from his office without listening to their grievances. Mr Shuja expressed the hope that the DC would listen to thegenuinegrievances of the people on Thursday and issue directions for their resolution otherwise the Tehreek would announce its future strategy, including launching large-scale protest demonstrations in the area.]]>

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  1. It is an open secret that Jamat Islami is trying to pressurize and even transfer DC Chitral. As due to active presence of Ossama Waraich the JI district nazim could not play as per his desire.

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