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Flood, quake-hit people of Kosht block Chitral-Mastuj road

Photo by Syed Sajjad Hussain Photo by Syed Sajjad Hussain[/caption] The protesters gathered at the spot at around 10am and blocked the road saying they would continue the protest till there three demands are met. When this report was filed at 11:40am, no official from the local administration had arrived at the spot to negotiate with the protesters to end the road blockade. However a few policemen were monitoring the situation. Talking to ChitralToday, Syed rizwan Ullah Shah, one of the representatives of the protesters said they had three main and genuine demands and wanted the government to fulfil them without any further delay and making hollow promises. The first demand is the reconstruction of the Bumbagh water channel from the Mastuj river which was washed away during the July-August 2015 floods and has not been repaired. He said fruit trees and agricultural crops in the Bumbagh village were at the verge of destruction without water. Mr Shah said the village, consisting of about 100 households, survived on the water supplied through the channel. The second demand was the reconstruction of the only bridge in front of Charun that was also washed away in the flood. A temporary bridge arranged by the army would be washed away when the water level in the river increases in a few weeks, disconnecting the whole area. The government has so far done nothing to reconstruct the only bridge, he added. The third demand, he added, was the payment of compensation to the owners of houses damaged in the October 26, 2016, earthquake. He said the local administration has carried out more than one verification of the damages but the affected people were yet to be paid the compensation announced by the federal government. He said this was the issue being faced by the people of whole subdivision Mastuj. Mr Shah said that they would continue their protest till their demands were met, adding people of nearby areas were also supporting them. Later, addressing the protesters, Sardar Hussain Shah of Green Lasht said Rs50 million donation given by PPP central leader Syed Khursheed Shah for the earthquake-hit people of Chitral were distributed by MPAs Sardar Hussain and Salim Khan among their own cronies. ]]>

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  1. Sonia says

    Thank you for the comment Naureen. You can use the to get in touch and I will email you the auccont details. If you are in Lahore, I can also arrange to pick up the donations as well, inshAllah. God bless you for your concern and efforts.

  2. Umru Ayyar Facebook says

    Oh Sorry Dear, I accept my mistake…..!!

  3. Safdar Khan says

    @ umru Ayyar. The bridge between Bumbagh and Kosht is the one that has been washed away not the one between Charun and Bumbagh.

  4. Huzifa Ali Khan says

    In-spite of such a huge gathering of people (for the sake of rights) number of questions arises in the mind of common men, whether DCO is aware regarding the situation, or it is the sympathy of DCO towards their subordinate, if so then it is an alarming for the people of chitral and we have to be ready to protect our self, removing the mask of “Sharafat” from our faces, in other words “Tang aamad ba jang aamad”

  5. Umru Ayyar Facebook says

    Dear! Bridge is Between Charun and Bumbagh where Earthquake and Flood hit people Blocked Mastuj Road…
    Reporter is Right

  6. Safdar Khan says

    bridge is not near Charun its between Bumbagh and Kosht.

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