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Cleanliness campaign held in residential colony

DSC00809 CHEPS’ volunteers showed their allegiance to the society’s national vision of clean and green Pakistan by collecting rubbish from the streets and sewerage passages of the Amin Colony residential compound. The volunteers were accompanied by notables of the community including Advocate Mr. Rehmat Wali, Mr. Mir Afzal, Mr. Shah Younus and others who, alongside actively participating in the drive, also paid tributes to the pursuance of CHEPS’ greater cause of an enduring environmental education through such campaigns to safeguard the sustainability of environmental resources. CHEPS’ volunteers reinforced their commitment to continue to pursue such drives on a regular basis through the creation of the Amin Colony Green Club and selection of two dedicated young volunteers, Mr. Tanveer Ahmad and Mr. Mohsin ul Haq as their team leader and secretary respectively. Speaking on the occasion, Chairman CHEPS Mr. Rehmat Ali Jaffer Dost said that his campaigns are a way to symbolize the importance of environmental literacy among the general population and to engender such drives elsewhere in Pakistan. He further said that through these campaigns, he wants to remind every Pakistani citizen and the global community of the growing levels of vulnerabilities caused by the reckless use of the earth’s natural resources. As more of the environmental hazards become obvious, he said, it is opportune time to think about our lifelines embedded in the safeguarding of the natural environment. CHEPS resolves to continue the campaigns through another planned drive at the University of Peshawar soon.–Inayat Ullah ]]>

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