Quake victim with two disabled daughters still looks for help

46 During a vist to his house in the remote village, Shah told this correspondent that his daughters, Khunzai Kai and Badeeghul Jamal, were disabled by birth. Their mother died and he married another woman but the couple has no son from both the wives. Khunzai Kai, who cannot speak, explains her grief through the sign language. She said her mother died when they were children and they have no brother. She said their house was damaged in the Oct 26, 2015, earthquake and the four rooms in which they lived collapsed. But the family is still not compensated by the government or any private agency. “Even no one issued us a tent or other relief goods announced by the government,” they claimed. Their mother said NGOs and government organizations were distributing relief goods among influential people and never cared for the poor and helpless. Syed Aqil Shah said they were still deprived of even the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) cards and the authority did not issue any BISP support cards to his two daughters aged 42 and 45 years. He said he submitted so many applications and requested different political persons and influential people for the BISP cards but to no avail. Syed Aqil Shah can be contacted at: 03470102796.]]>

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