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  1. The objective of any writing is to convey some useful and important massage to their readers. It’s not so important to write the writing with full of verbosity and bombastic words. If words are the focus of writing, then both oxford and Mariam Webster dictionaries are much more sufficient to gives us thousands of words for best meanings. The calligraphy is not only the wining of two pennies from Kaka Gul Khan and the art is not only that the kabab Wala put the two pennies in their money basket. Although calligraphy and art are the element of culture but in this case both the elements are no more in their actual presentation. No massage I got after reading this writ-up. No doubt the writing is very nice while the words are mostly borrowed from novels and fictions.

  2. @ faridun khan its not the matter of fact the Dr jamal Nasir is a talented teacher in his field but how can you interpret the term 2 pennies in the form of art . can you simplify and explain the concept ? so kindly dont promote any thing from outdated ideas .

  3. Perhaps the learned writer has been student of dr. nasir jamal and as such aims to serve the deity of arts for the sake of arts. Therefore try to nourish your aesthetic sense as dicdacticism and moral inferences are the echoes of guilty conscience as followers of sigmend frued are used to say.

  4. You could have written,
    I had two pennies, I wanted to eat Kababs but the Kabab wala took my money and didn’t give me kababs. Thats it. The dramatization and vocabularisation didn’t help make it more interesting.

  5. Madam , of course it was a big money in those days and you sustained heavy loss at the hands of Kababi sahib, but don’t worry you will be rewarded on the day of judgement.

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