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  1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    The write up by Mr. Islamud Din and the supporting comment by Umer Almukgtar are based on facts. Security of the citizens is the sole responsibility of the government. The educators are assisting the government by providing quality education to its citizens. The claim of Mr. Mottasim Billah that the private educational institutions are charging ‘hefty amount’ and terming it a ‘lucrative business’ is totally baseless. 90% of the private educational institutes are being run on ‘NO PROFIT No LOSS’ basis. The tuition fee collected from the students hardly meet the salaries of staff and classroom requirements. Majority of these institutes are running at loss.If the government continued pressing private schools and colleges of Chitral on the security issue, then they shall have no option but to close the institutes which is an ultimate aim of the Talibaan Tehreek. Is the government helping Talibaan, indirectly?

  2. Mottasim Billah says

    All the private schools in Chitral are charging exhobitent fee from the students. The private schools have become a lucrative business for retired bureaucrats, headmasters, as well as patwaris. Mr Islamuddin cannot rule out there would be no terrorist attacks on schools in Chitral. His suggestion that parents could have done the job of security is ridiculous. You are charging hefty amount as tuition fee and it is your job to ensure security to the students. If private schools cannot manage to hire security guards, they must switch to some other business instead of venting their anger in a bid to save more money for themselves. The district administration is requested to tighten the noose around the private schools as these people have made education as a lucrative business.

  3. Umer almukhtar says

    A realistic presentation of the prolific writer, mr islamuddin about the callous attitude of the government towards education and its providers whose fault is shouldering the most important. state responsibility. It is barbaric that they have been challenged and are threatened to meet legal consequences if they could not take the proposed security measures. Ridiculously, the kpk govt. claiming to launch an education emergency in the province, is making fun of educators by sending police personnel to their doorsteps and insulting them as if they have committed a crime of grievous nature like drug peddling or smuggling. The treatment of educators and teachers by people at the helms portrays that wiseacres run the state machinery and our policy makers are dullards who abhor schooling and educators.

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