2 Replies to “Probe urged into alleged illegal hiring in Chitral Levies”

  1. @ DC Chitral, Please probe this too, and take actions against the black sheep’s within your team. One of the ACs in cohorts with his political boss made mockery of the recruitment process. The files may be examined and process re-initiated so that the deserving candidates could be hired.

  2. The people of Chitral are very satisfied with what the Deputy Commissioner Osma Waraich has been doing or has done within a very short span of time. The illegal hiring in border police by his predecessor must be taken seriously. I would rather say it is a test case for Mr Waraich. Sade Chitral te logan di ei umeed he keh tusi jara sadei nall (Chitral dei lokan di naal) jo naa insafi hui ei, tusi in lokan te khilaf zarur inquiry kero gei. Chitral dei logan di yehi umeed ei towadei naal keh tusi mujriman nu qarar waqee saza deio gei. Bahot sarei is tareh dei b log ein Chitral ich jadei is nokri dei ehele hein . Aa kam Osama Warich jiase deputy commissioner dei ilawa aur koyi nehi ker sakta. Tuwda bohot bohot shukria sayeen!!!

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