Owners seek compensation for land used by motorists

PC$ Speaking at a press conference here on Sunday, nazim village council Shiaqo Dok Naveed Ahmed Baig, Muhammad Khalil uddin, Jamshed Ahmed, Zar Hussain and Sher Afzal said that in July 2015 the flash floods in the river washed away the road and also damaged their agricultural crops, fruit trees and 20 houses. To restore traffic, the residents of the area allowed the vehicles to pass through their agricultural land. However, so far the government has not paid any compensation to the land owners. Now the owners of the land have decided to use their land for agricultural purposes to avoid further financial losses. They also said the government should pay compensation to the owners of the houses damaged in the floods. In reply to a question, they said during the tenure of the ANP’s provincial government the road was also damaged by flooding but it was reconstructed by the then government.–Bashir Hussain Azad]]>

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