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  1. It is a good news that the village council Jughor has passed its 4 million budget with a unanimous decision.Pakistan has had experienced from top to bottom approach of development style which has badly failed and the money did not reach to those for which it was meant.village council is the lowest tier of the new devolution plan but it is also the most important tier of development.If and when the local people polish their expertise in management and finance and get the relevant training from other organisation then they would be able to operate their village development on sound basis.They should develop their linkages with other NGOs for certain training and capacity building measures.Village people have the potentials and capacity to run their development affairs and this is their capacity building and unity alone which can bring them out from the whims and caprices of conventional development practitioners in future.
    Lihaza awa zughoro village councilotan bobo Mubarakbad doman.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral

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