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  1. A realistic and balanced approach presented by the writer which is in contrast to ideas of the young writers who being products of modern educational systems can pose to be either liberal extremist or being students of religion oriented institutions can be hardliner zealots. This divide through our educational system has been detrimental to the very fabrics of our society. Both are exploited by the enticing melodies of the dominant civilizatio. The music is played so loudly that both are unable to listen to their still small voice of conscience and reason. In case of the learned writer, we see a rationally poised outlook. We as a nation are taken off our feet as if the floodgates have been opened on us or we are being slipped away on a bottemless steep, unable to find a notchy ground to stand upon. Our lot did not change after 66 years of independence with the change of masters because it did not matter for us as the black turned out to be black in skin but white in thought and culture. The white have left brown masters of our complexion for us who have proved more loyal to the ceasars than the ceasars themselves. Had they loved their own flesh and bones they could have led the nation towards scientific progress through a sound educational system, safeguarding their ideological values and cultural integrity at the same time. Alas, it was a manifest contradiction for the imprudent and impervious nation who perhaps deserves to be led by the nose as it loves and chooses the same breed of politicians, In the present times our youth are confused and directionless and unless some concrete measures are taken by the policy makers, educationists, parents and leaders our future seems to be at stake because media propagating a totally alien culture is on the rampage. We as parents have handed our childern to the instuctions and training lessons of media instead of educating them through our imitable, practical examples. Miss rukhsanas deep understanding of the situation must be heeded by sensitive members of the hapless nation otherwise oldhouses, lesbians, gays, nudist movements and other devastating calamities of the materialistic and individualistic societies are not far off to sweep away the integrating remnants of our cutural wreckage,

  2. A worth reading Nice approach and well connected thoughts compelling one for remedial measures for preservation of one’s culture and to devise a modus operandi to hault cultural imperialism. The digital divide and psychological divide pointed above seems just tip of an iceberg. beside these there are many other divides like National interest divide. provincial divide. religious divide. social divide. economic divide. Sect wise divide. developmental divide. Planning divide. media divide. political divide. education divide. establishments divide. etc are weakening the routes of our Nation-state and invites many other forms and manifestations of imperialism to this land of pure. Therefore it is need of the hour to strengthen the bonds of Nationalism and Collective Support mechanism.

  3. A nicely written article indeed.
    I would have more liked to see terrorists taken the place of pied piper in your article.As they have set out to annihilate the creation of God while culture is the product of society.
    They appear to be more perilous as compared to the western culture purported to be dominating our own cherished one.
    Isn’t not interesting that, we are expressing our abbhorence towards a culture, despite the fact that, we have a penchant for the very language that is the creation of that culture. This looks absurd to me.
    However, being ethnocentric is not bad. But, first, we must not forget to raise our moribund standard to the level at par with western values and culture. It can only be possible if we seek to revive our lost glory; that is a society filled with high moral values; pluralistic and tolerant society; desire for a more modern society where knowledge and innovation is institutionalized.
    More importantly,the impact will be more tempying if we use our own language to reprimand what we perceive as harmful for our pristine culture.
    That seems an utopian scheme in the current situation. But, that is the likely the only way out.
    The views expressed above are purely my own and are not in any way an attempt to offend the learned author. Difference of opinion is the charm of an intellectual debate. Being critical to each others point of view helps in understanding broader prospective of the topic.
    Thank you.

    1. I really appreciate your positive criticism Sir. As you have pointed out, the Pied- piper can signify many things. It is applicable on the fundamentalist mindset being propagated by the terrorists; it is equally applicable on the more subtle impact of other outside ideas on our educated youth. The terrorists are well aware of the powerful impact of social media, that’s why they make extensive use of it for their propaganda mechanisms. But though, we are fighting against the terrorist elements on various fronts, yet nobody is bothered about the loss of values and regard in our more educated youngsters. I often come across people on social media who are equally intolerant and exclusive when it comes to differences of opinion, though being educated on modern terms. We need to have a balanced and inclusive approach towards life. Regarding the use of language, it’s again an irony. If I write in Khowar, the chances are that very few people will read it. In order to reach the target audience, I have to make use of a language which they prefer. And that is again a sort of media imperialism. This is what I feel, with my limited knowledge. I may be wrong. Thank you so much!
      P.S: My criticism of the media imperialism does in no way mean that I am against the modern, liberal, pluralistic ideas or that I favour the more fundamentalist elements. I’m much more critical of them for whatever havoc they have caused around the globe.

  4. The article is worth studying, especially for our youth and those who think their culture is inferior to the Western one and thus prefer adopting it while discarding his/her own cultural heritage.

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