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Outsiders must take police NOC to marry in Chitral

PESHAWAR: To end the menace of enticing girls from poor families of Kalash and other tribes into marriage and later subjecting them to domestic torture and other evils, outsiders wishing to marry Chitrali girls would have to seek permission from the district police.

All the nikah registrars in Chitral have been directed to seek “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) from the parties desirous of solemnising a marriage. This practice has been in vogue for a few months to end the marriage of young poor girls from Chitral outside the district.

Many young Chitrali girls married outside Chitral were later subjected to domestic violence, slavery, bondage and immoral activities.“In 2015, 55 affidavits were received and the families were granted NOC after due verification,” said Mohammad Afzal, Superintendent of Police (SP) at the Central Police Office.

The official added that the civil society had established an organisation, Dawat Azimat-e-Chitral to curb the menace. However, owing to lack of authority and other impediments, the efforts of this organisation proved futile in checking the practice.

SP Afzal said the matter was brought into the notice of Inspector General of Police Nasir Khan Durrani during his visit to Chitral last year after which the police have been directed to evolve a strategy so that no woman was fraudulently married to an outsider.

“Under the strategy, no marriage can be solemnised between the local girl and an outsider without the clearance and approval of the Chitral Police.

While implementing the strategy, the DPO has appointed a focal person who is to be informed in case the family of any girl intends to marry her off to a person who does not belong to her tribe,” the official explained. 



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