7 Replies to “Outsiders must take police NOC to marry in Chitral”

  1. The action of the Police Department regarding making the matrimonial NOC mandatory is remarkable and praiseworthy. I would like to suggest futher that land and immovable property sales to the outsiders should also be scrutinized by the law enforcing agencies and an NOC, in this regard, should also be considered in order to safeguard the peace of Chitral.
    The rampant land sale out for the outsiders is jeopardizing the very identity of Chitral, its culture, the environment and peace of the area. The overpowering influences of the outsiders will alienate the local inhabitants and they will feel helpless in the long run.
    Also, keeping in view the climate change related natural disasters in Chitral it is imperative that we use land resources very judiciously and conserve as much as we can. And, in this regard, the authorities in the government ought to regulate the process of land business in order to protect the local population from the calamitous scenarios in the near future, as Chitral has little alternate safe havens in case of natural disasters.
    So when there is risk of harm to the interest of the local population from the market forces intervention from the government must come in to assist the vulnerable local community.

  2. Although it is a good effort taken by the IGP KPK, he is an honest person, everyone knows this in whole KPK. There is a loophole in the procedure currently introduced, granting NOC is given to police, a question arises here, is every individual in the police a honest person?. We remember that about 12 years ago a lady from Garumchashma was kidnapped, the authentic sources revealed at that time that heavy amount was given to police by the kidnapers, although the serving DPO was a chitrali person, he never thought to take action against the police who were deployed at check posts. Hence the involvement of the DPO in the kidnaping can not be ignored.
    DAWAT-E-AZIMAT-E- CHITRAL is doing valuable efforts to prevent outside marriage of Chitrali girls, I would suggest that first NOC should be issued by DAWAT-E-AZIMAT-E- CHITRAL, otherwise there will be no benefit of the action taken by IGP.

  3. Wow thats what we were struggling for…thanx IGP and SP and afcourse DAWATE AZMATE CHITRAL ..Keep it up

  4. whats about the security of educational institutions from terrorist attack?. the marriage control out side the district is the responsibility of the parents , relatives and the people of community not the duty of police. The duty of police is some how provide a peaceful environment to the community. unfortunately the KPK ploice fail to provide a good enviornamnet for the citizen of this nations.

  5. Most of the time parents are also responsible.They should prefer local boys over the outsiders.It is a general perception all over Pakistan that you can buy young girls from chitral.I do not know why people are demanding money for the marriage expences.There should be proper investigations before making any decision.

  6. We are thankful to the IGP of the KPK Police for the step taken to ensure solemnity and security of marriages of Chitrali girls to outsiders. It has been a very sensitive issue since long.The volunteer services of the Dawat-e- Azmat-e- Chitral are honored. The DAWAT should extend its network to all the villages of Lower and Upper Chitral, especially, to the remote valleys of Yarkhoon, Broghel, Khot, Terich and Laspur by establishing its branches in these areas.

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