Chitral Scouts commandant visits flood-hit villages

YARKHUN: Chitral Scouts commandant Col Nizam Uddin visited different areas affected by floods and an earthquake.

A large number of people from Dizg, Khruzg and Marthing were present on the occasion. The commandant Chitral scouts was accompanied by SRSP Chitral project manager Engineer Khadimullah, and army officers.

Speaking on the occasion, Col Nizam said he had been trying his best to reach out to the affected people in remote and far-off areas of Chitral.

He said Chitral Scouts were also working day and night in the rehabilitation activities in the affected areas. He said anyone from the village would be free to come to his office in case of any issue which he would be trying to resolve.

He said he wished he could have been able to visit each and eavry house and listen to the grievances of the people. Col Nizam said that he would provide jobs to two youth of the village, one male and one female, in the Chitral Scouts.

People of the area on the occasion thanked the commandant Chitral Scouts for visiting the area and providing them relief items. They said since the floods and the Oct 26, 2015, earthquake officials of the government departments and NGOs ignored the area. They said the floods damaged their standing crops, fruit trees as well as irrigation channels while their houses developed cracks in the earthquake.

They said that the people of the four villages of Istach, Dizg, Khruzg and Marthing were facing hardship due to unavailability of healthcare facilities. There is not even a single dispensary in the whole area and in case of a sickness the residents have to travel on foot for over 15 kilomteres to get first aid from the Brep village.

The commandant Chitral Scouts promised that he would take up the matter with the authorities concerned. It may be noted that on Jan 15, the people of Dizg had arranged a public gathering in protest against the apathy of government and private sector organizations towards their issues arising out of the July-Aug floods and the Oct 26, 2015, earthquake. 

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  1. We always appreciate Honorable Commandant Chitral Scout and SRSP Chief to visit Yarkhun.Colonel Nizam Ud Din after getting charge of Chitral Scout and just after his arrival,He has visited Broghil ont 20th September 2015 on the occasion of Broghil Festival.He has visited the whole valley by road on my special request.People living in such backward villages of Yarkhun have got lot of expectations from Pak Army.Politicians always neglected this most important strategic part of Chitral.Every one in Yarkhun has supported the present MNA and MPA sahiban.Even government posts in past have been granted to others and today many young people are serving in Chitral Levi from Down Yarkhun,who have been recruited in the Name of Broghil.We are always supprter of Chitral Scout and Pak Army..Yarkhun is their land and still Chitral Scout is the major source of livelihood in many families in Yarkhun.We request The honorable Commandant would grant special quotas for the youths of Yarkhun in Chitral Scout.Thanks Alot from Umar Rafee Broghil

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