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  1. with due respect i differ with the opinions of sher sb and wazir sb.in principle may be i can agree with you partially but on moral grounds we should support these poor people.after all it is the matter of there survival.according to the administration there is dispute over the ownership with an individual and that man has been getting 40000 per month from these cabins.we have nothing to do why and to whom they are paying rents???it is not our headache.we are just raising voice for these ultra poor people who were the only bread earners for there families.the state should provide shelter,food and job opportunities to the poor people.they are our people,they belong to us,they are not aliens of course.on the other hand our state has been accommodating 3 millions afghan refugees for the last 3 decades.rule of law and writ of the state can only be established if there will be no discrimination in the society.we have poor justice system favoring the elite class and therefore the poor people are soft targets because they do not enjoy political backing or support.the state belongs to the people and vice versa.the administration and that individual can sought out there problem inside the court.the administration should reconstruct the cabins once again and hand over these cabins to those 12 people which were the only bread and butter earners for there families.these cabins should be constructed in a modified way so that there will be no problem for the pedestrians.the trouble makers are the transporters,most of the people from upper Chitral use this spot as there starting point for various destinations,in this way the transporters block the foothpaths by parking there vehicles and creating great mess and difficulties for the pedestrians,the administration should allocate a separate place for the transporters.it is a very special case 12 cabins mean 12 families without there bread and butter.in sindh and punjab thousands of acres of state land ownership documents have been distributed amongst homeless and poor farmers.chitral is also an integral part of Pakistan,the same rule can be apply over here for these ultra poor people.belief me they were not creating any hinderence over there because the cabins were virtually constructed in the air beyond the pedestrian way

  2. Illegal taxi stands and coach adas should also be removed as they are causing traffic jams and making pedestrains life miserable in the city. There should be one or two main bus station in chitral town. Also the trucks should be completely ban to enter bazar area. They should off load commodities outside of town and transported in small vehicles to bazar. These measure will bring ease to the consumers and travellers.

  3. I had appreciated the action of D.C Chitral and repeating the same words is not appropriate, but comments by Mr.Gul Hamaad Faruqi and Mr. Sarwar Kamal could not be digested. I strongly disagree with both the respectable commentators. Blaming our local officers of favoritism and opposing their posting in Chitral is totally base less.How an encroachment of the past two-three decades or more would have been in the knowledge of an officer posted to Chitral some two or three years back?
    Soft_hearted Sarwar Kamal has recommended allowance to the ultra-poor’s encroachments with some modification of the cabin.I salute to his sympathy but not his proposal.The poor people should be provided some space at some other state owned commercial area. The cabins at Chew Bridge, Denin are too troublesome for commuters and usually traffic is jammed here. Our local government can manage a sabzi market at Denin to facilitate the people of upper Chitral and Denin.

  4. Rule of law and writ of the state must be established at all costs. It is the state which is the ultimate guarantor of the rights of its citizens. There is an old saying that if the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for the law. I appreciate all the officers of district administration Chiral. Keep it up. We are with you in all the rightful actions.

  5. The anti-encroachment drive has been the most unprecedented campaign in favour of the masses in the history of Chitral.
    Apart from political parties and some vested interest groups, people from different walks of life appreciated these bold and extraordinary steps taken by the administration. The youth of Chitral Nawjawanan e Chitral, staged a rally in support of DC Osama Warraich which is a very pleasant change that the youth of Chitral are aware of their rights and they cannot be cheated any more.
    The campaign is still going on Sunday 12 cabins were demolished near Chew bridge. The whole idea of demolishing structures should be to free public land from encroachers, to provide pedestrians a safe and comfortable passage and of course to ensure the flow of traffic.
    Unfortunately, most of the cabin owners are ultra poor people. These cabins were the only source of bread and butter for these ultra poor people. The cabins were constructed virtually in the air, so I cannot see the government will be constructing a school or any other health facility over there, the space left after the demolished cabins.
    If the cabins owners will alter or change the structures of the cabins a little bit, in such a way that the customer during purchasing the products will be standing in the cabin, I cannot see any issue? Why they cannot be allowed to carry their business after all it is a matter of people’s bread and butter.
    I hope our DC will revisit his decision about the cabins. Similarly, this spot serves a great facility for the people of upper Chitral and Denin. They can buy fresh fruits and vegetables anytime from here. Most of the people from Chitral use this spot as their starting point to different destinations.

  6. Services of DC Chitral Osama Ahmad Waraich is really appreciable but I am sorry to say that all other officers are local and belongs to Chitral they knew better about these encroachement but they did nothing. It means that may be they patronizing these mafia. so it declare that all officers should be from down district not a local one because despite knowing about these illegal encroachement they never demolished them but thanks to Mr. Osama who took action and we appreciate him for this good works.

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