2 Replies to “Landslide blocks Mastuj road”

  1. The problem first originated upon construction of irrigation channel for Khandaan when excessive blasting of the hill continued for a long period.The derbies not only narrowed the already narrow track but endangered it too. The earth quake of October, 2015 further loosened the cracked hill and now a slight tremor cause sliding of boulders. Besides the reported blockade there is an other permanent threat just one kilometre down the road where a regular land sliding has become a hanging sword for the commuters. The only solution to the problem is diversion of the road to Booni side.
    It will serve as an alternate road if the old TAW track is reopened and the existing narrow jeep-track crossing through Awi, Miragram-2 and Sonoghur is widened, as indicated by Mr. Sultan Wazir sahib. Just connecting Sonoghur and Nisur will not serve the purpose as experienced in the past when traffic was not as heavy as it is today. The old Booni- Mastuj Road must be a project of priority of the present government as an alternate route for the commuters of Laspur, Mastuj, Yarkhun and Broghel, and even for Gilgit-Baltistan.

  2. I fail to understand as to why the C&w department Chitral and the military authorities are sleeping. Construction of only One kilometer road from village Sonogher to TAW bridge connecting Nisur and Sarghuz villages, will provide an alternate route to Mastuj and the strategic areas of Boroghul,Gilgit- Baltistan,China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Siachin.May Allah guide them.

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